Our people

Our work attracts experts from a range of backgrounds including medicine, pharmacy, science, health promotion, public health, evaluation, research, public affairs, education, publishing, information technology, administration and finance.

Our people lead strong teams of qualified and committed professionals in our Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane offices.


Dr Lynn WeekesDr Lynn Weekes

As inaugural Chief Executive Officer of NPS, Lynn has contributed significantly to the development of quality use of medicines (QUM) resources and services for health professionals and consumers in Australia since 1998.

As part of her PhD thesis, Organisational Structures to Promote Quality Use of Medicines, Lynn developed indicators for QUM for drug and therapeutics committees and for hospitals more generally. She has a strong professional interest in quality assurance, behaviour change and pharmacoepidemiology.

With her expertise in the QUM area Lynn sits, by invitation, on various national boards and committees from government, pharmacy and academic sectors.

Prior to Lynn's appointment to NPS, she was executive officer of NSW Therapeutic Assessment Group where she was involved in drug use practice, evaluation and policy. She originally trained as a pharmacist and practised in hospital and research settings.

Our Executive team 

Karen KayeKaren Kaye, Deputy CEO and Executive Manager, Planning and Design

Karen joined NPS in March 2008 as executive manager, QUM programs and deputy CEO. Prior to this appointment she was executive officer for the NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group for almost 10 years and worked with clinical experts and government agencies to inform policy development for QUM in hospitals and the wider community.

Karen holds a bachelor of pharmacy from the University of Sydney and has completed post-graduate studies in hospital pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics. She has practised in community, hospital, industry and academic settings and in the professional organisations of pharmacy. For nine years she was director of pharmacy at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and maintains a strong interest in hospital pharmacy practice through her role as a federal councillor for the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia.

Karen has a particular interest in promoting system changes to improve safe and effective medicines use across the continuum of care and ensuring a cost-effectiveness approach to evaluation of health technologies.

Sharene JacksonSharene Jackson, Executive Manager, Content Development and Distribution 

Sharene manages the Content Development and Distribution teams responsible for the design and production of NPS publications and resources, digital communication and online learning resources for health professionals. Sharene has a strong commitment to ensuring that we offer the highest quality products and services to our clients, in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Sharene’s training in journalism and instructional design led her to a career in developing print and online publications for the health and education sectors. She has been with us since 1998 and, in her current role, combines her passion for information design with her keen desire to always find better ways of doing things.

Jonathan DartnellJonathan Dartnell, Executive Manager, Innovation and Evaluation

The Innovation & Evaluation unit is responsible for enablement of innovation, developmental programs, international customers and evaluation of program and organisational impact. The unit includes programs for MedicineInsight, e-Health and Decision Support, Program Evaluation, as well as our Innovation Studio and International Collaboration activities. 

Jonathan is a pharmacist with a PhD in drug use evaluation. He has extensive experience in drug use evaluation, development and implementation of national clinical treatment guidelines, hospital pharmacy and pharmacy training, as well as designing, developing and implementing new and innovative ways of improving medicine use.

Monique HeighesMonique Heighes, Executive Manager, People and Environment

Since her arrival at NPS, Monique has effectively promoted and repositioned the human resource function to be recognised as a significant strategic driver within the organisation. As part of the executive leadership team, Monique is responsible for developing strategies that contribute to and support a strong corporate culture and ensuring that our people practices support us to achieve our organisational goals.

Prior to joining NPS in March 2006, Monique had managed and delivered strategic and operational human resource services in executive and managerial appointments across a diverse range of environments. Her experience includes a mix of high-level consulting and in-house roles.

Monique has a masters in organisational psychology, a diploma in human resources and is a certified executive coach. This unique combination complements our forward-thinking organisation and brings a unique perspective to our people and development strategies.

Glenn Pringle, Executive Manager, Information and Technology 

Glenn manages our Information and Technology unit comprising Data Management and Solution Design and Delivery. These teams are responsible for ICT and data systems and governance, e-application development, enterprise architecture and business analysis. 

Since 1991 Glenn has worked in various areas of ICT including accountancy, software development, finance, law enforcement and health. Prior to joining NPS in May 2012 he worked in Victorian community health and then as CIO at Dental Health Services Victoria. 

Glenn’s goal at NPS is to strongly align the use of information and technology with strategic organisational objectives to achieve transformational change with measurable benefit. 

Greg Hughes, Executive Manager, Finance and Projects

Greg leads the Finance and Projects unit which encompasses Financial Management, Corporate Reporting and our Project Management Office. Greg also leads the work in improving the strategic framework to better articulate NPS’s strategy and report progress against that strategy. Greg’s goal at NPS is to improve the understanding of the value of health and economic benefits of the work successfully delivered by NPS. 

Greg is a chartered accountant with 18 years experience in various CFO and commercial management roles in the health services, IT, hospitality and tourism, and professional services industries. 

Gloria Antonio, Executive Manager, Program Delivery

Gloria has been involved in the Australian and international healthcare and disability industries for more than 15 years. Gloria brings to NPS extensive experience in health contract management, policy development and service delivery. 

She joins NPS direct from a Hong Kong-based role where as general manager she was responsible for the development and operation of community development programs, children’s services and programs supporting people with disabilities across Vietnam, the Philippines and China. Her background as a registered nurse and in business and health administration has seen her work in hospitals, at MBF Australia and the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care. Her interests lay in health system designs and international relations.

She leads our Program Delivery unit, responsible for the efficient delivery of programs to health professionals and consumers, managing our NPS field force and building positive relationships with our customers.

Gloria has a bachelor of science in nursing, a diploma in business studies (endorsed health) and a masters in business administration.