What we do

We're proud of our unique track record in making a positive change to the health of Australians. Working with consumers, healthcare professionals, government and industry, we are the only independent organisation within Australia working at a national level to positively change the attitudes and behaviours which exist around the use of medicines and medical tests so that consumers and health professionals are equipped to make the best decisions when it counts.

How we conduct our work

We consult closely with clinicians, consumers, opinion leaders and other key stakeholders to understand important environmental issues, and work with them to improve the way medicines and medical tests are currently used and the systems that underpin this. Our collaborative approach with the health sector is instrumental in the successful design of all our programs and initiatives.

Our extensive bank of evidence-based knowledge is continually built by analysing and critically appraising research. This solid foundation enables us to create successful behaviour change programs, develop information to help people make better health decisions, and produce targeted health communications campaigns, professional development activities and publications. Our programs are subject to rigorous evaluation to ensure that we are providing the services required to meet their goals.

Towards a medicinewise Australia

Being medicinewise means knowing the right questions to ask about medicines and where to get trusted information.

It starts with taking an active role in your health decisions through talking with your health professionals.

For professionals it's putting into practice the principles of the quality use of medicines and medical tests, which involve safe, wise and judicious prescribing and dispensing, and appropriate medical test referrals.

At NPS MedicineWise we want all Australians to experience the health and economic benefits this brings.

What we believe

We believe that well-informed health professionals and a health-savvy population are key to achieving better health outcomes. By working in partnership and sharing expertise we believe it is possible to build synergistic programs that drive even greater return on investment for precious healthcare dollars.

We also believe in sharing our expertise and collaborating to promote healthier, medicinewise communities internationally

We believe that a medicinewise community is better informed, better equipped to make good health decisions, and able to get the most out of medicines and other health technologies.

We believe there is no 'silver bullet' and that well designed and well executed programs deliver measurable results over the short, medium and long term.

Our work at NPS MedicineWise

We work with consumers, health professionals, government and industry to improve the health of all Australians through targeted educational campaigns, professional development activities and publications. Our programs are subject to rigorous evaluation to ensure that we are providing the services required to meet our goal.

Medicines and medical tests

Medicines are one of our most common medical interventions. Anything you seek a therapeutic effect from — regardless where you bought it — is a medicine.

Medical tests can be used to diagnose an illness or condition, or to monitor an on-going health condition. The term medical tests covers pathology, such as blood tests, and medical imaging such as X-rays.

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To get the most out of Australia's substantial investment in healthcare and access to medicines, it's important we understand how medicines are actually used.

MedicineInsight is a new NPS MedicineWise program that aims to improve understanding of prescribing behaviour in Australian general practice.

Learn more about the MedicineInsight program.

Building the evidence base

Our work is evidence-based. To improve health, it's essential to find good evidence about what works and apply that evidence to bring about improved outcomes. When implementing programs, it's important to evaluate their impacts and to understand issues that affect implementation to ensure that programs continue to be delivered effectively and efficiently.

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We have a range of free publications providing the latest information on medicines, health conditionsmedical tests and more.

For everyone

Medicine Update – when it comes to new medicines, how do you decide if 'new' is 'better'? Medicine Update helps you to answer this question as new medicines become available or are listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. 

Medicinewise Living – our monthly e-newsletter that provides news on medicines profiled in Medicine Update, important information about your medicines, tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and updates on our work here at NPS MedicineWise.

For health professionals

Australian Prescriber – an independent publication providing readily accessible information about drugs and therapeutics, distributed 6 times a year to more than 55,000 health professionals and students. 

NPS RADAR – provides timely and independent information to prescribers and consumers on new and revised listings to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule. 

MedicineWise News – provides health professionals with succinct, current, independent information on therapeutic and other topics. 

NPS Direct – a monthly digital newsletter for all health professionals who want to keep up to date with news at NPS MedicineWise.

For members and stakeholders

Connect – a quarterly e-newsletter covering important events, new programs, campaign initiatives and more, giving members and stakeholders insight into our work and aiming to connect with you on topics of interest.

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