What we do

We work with consumers, health professionals, government and other stakeholders to enable the best decisions about medicines, health technologies and other health choices. We collaborate across the industry, and produce behaviour change services, digital health and data insights, and knowledge transfer products and services.

Achieving results is intrinsic to the design of all our work. Behaviour change services include programs on therapeutic topics for health professionals and consumers, as well as campaigns and events.

Our digital health and data insights offering includes MedicineInsight and the MedicineList+ app.

Knowledge transfer products and services include our range of publications, our phone lines and online learning.

Choosing Wisely Australia® is an example of our industry collaboration. Led by Australia’s colleges, societies and associations and facilitated by NPS MedicineWise, Choosing Wisely Australia challenges the way we think about healthcare, questioning the notion 'more is always better'.

Building the evidence base

Our work is evidence-based. To improve health, it's essential to find good evidence about what works and apply that evidence to bring about improved outcomes. When implementing programs, it's important to evaluate their impacts and to understand issues that affect implementation to ensure that programs continue to be delivered effectively and efficiently.

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