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Our campaigns

At NPS MedicineWise we want all Australians to be medicinewise and experience the health and economic benefits this brings. We work with consumers, healthcare professionals, government and industry to improve the health of all Australians through our targeted educational campaigns.

Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotic Awareness Week from 14-20 November 2016 has the theme "Antibiotics: Handle with care". Read more about using antibiotics responsibly to limit antibiotic resistance.

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Be Medicinewise Week

Be Medicinewise Week (22-28 August 2016) promotes safer and wiser use of medicines. Find out more.

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Generic medicine brand choices

Knowing why you may be offered a choice of medicines is an important part of being medicinewise. The more you know about active ingredients and different medicine brands, the more confident you’ll be to talk about your options and make your choice — and this will help you to get the most benefit from your medicines.

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National Medicines Symposium 2018

The National Medicines Symposium 2018 (NMS) will be held 30 May to 1 June in Canberra. Find out more.

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Campaign downloads

Educational campaign resources on antibiotic resistance and safe use of medicines are available here. Find posters, fact sheets and colouring sheets.

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