Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015

Antibiotics: Handle with care

The annual global Antibiotic Awareness Week will take place from 16-22 November 2015.

Antibiotic resistance means simple infections that are treatable today may become untreatable tomorrow. This is already happening in Australia with some types of infections such as golden staph and gonorrhea already resistant to multiple antibiotics. With the theme 'Antibiotics: Handle with care', the week will encourage everyone that by using antibiotics responsibly now we can change the future.

NPS MedicineWise is working with organisations from around Australia to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics across the health sector, agriculture, industry, and communities.

Without antibiotics, infections that were once easily treated may once again kill. Together we can make a difference and change the future.

Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015 is being coordinated in Australia by NPS MedicineWise and the Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in conjunction with the Australian Government Department of Health and Department of Agriculture, the Australian Veterinary Association, and state and territory health departments. Antibiotic Awareness Week is supported in Australia by a number of professional societies and groups.

What is NPS MedicineWise doing this Antibiotic Awareness Week?

This Antibiotic Awareness Week, NPS MedicineWise is helping people find out why and how to handle antibiotics with care.

There are simple steps that health professionals and individuals can take to ensure they use antibiotics judiciously and appropriately.

For health professionals this means adhering to best practice prescribing guidelines. For the community it is important to not pressure your doctor for antibiotics when you have a cold or flu because these are not bacterial infections.

The more antibiotics are used, the more chances bacteria have to become resistant to them. This can then make bacterial infections much harder to treat when you have one.

Get involved

Become involved with Antibiotic Awareness Week to encourage everyone to handle antibiotics with care.

Antibiotic Awareness Week resources

Become involved in Antibiotic Awareness Week and join the fight against antibiotic resistance. Download our campaign toolkit to find out more about the week and access useful consumer materials and health professional resources.

Media releases

The following media releases have been issued as part of Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015.

Take the Antibiotic Resistance Fighter Pledge

According to the World Health Organisation, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to human health today. There are simple things that you can pledge to do to prevent antibiotic resistance.

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Antibiotic resistance is everyone's problem. All health professionals have a responsibility to preserve the miracle of antibiotics.

If you are prescribing, dispensing or working with people taking antibiotics, take the pledge and help reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance.

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