Generic medicine brand choices

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Why learn about my medicine brand choices?

Knowing why you may be offered a choice of medicines is an important part of being medicinewise.

The more you know about active ingredients and different medicine names, the more confident you’ll be to talk about your options and make your choice — and this will help you to get the most benefit from your medicines.

Why might I be offered an alternative medicine brand?

Many medicines with the same active ingredient are available to you under several different brands. They work in the same way but have different brand names and packaging. When your pharmacist offers you an alternative brand it will always have the same active ingredient as the one on your prescription or the medicine you usually take. The active ingredient is the chemical in the medicine that makes it work.

So if you are offered a choice, either way it’s okay.

5 questions to ask when you are offered an alternative brand of medicine

  1. Is it okay for me to choose a different brand of my medicine?
  2. What are the benefits and disadvantages for me if I use a different brand?
  3. Is there a difference in cost?
  4. Which of my usual medicines does this replace?
  5. What is the active ingredient in my medicine?