Building a medicinewise community 2012

The 2012 National Medicines Symposium (NMS) was held on 24–25 May 2012 at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre.

NMS is the pre-eminent quality use of medicines symposium held in Australia. This year’s theme was ‘building a medicinewise community’ and the program explored the challenges we face and the opportunities available to us to make this a reality. 

Building a medicinewise community 

For safer use of medicines

This theme explores national and international innovations to improve medication safety across different healthcare settings and within the community.

Enabled by new technologies

E-health offers vast opportunities to improve the way medicines are managed. We will explore what the brave new world of ehealth has to offer and look at what’s happening now and into the future to enable better decisions about medicines. 

In an ever changing health system

In this era of unprecedented reform of the Australian health system, ensuring that policies and systems support quality use of medicines is critical. What will system changes deliver for Australian and are the current policies underpinning medicines sustainable into the future?

Valuing the consumer experience

Consumers are at the heart of the health care model. In this theme we will examine the value of medicines in people’s lives and ways to optimise the consumer experience with the health system.

Putting policy into practice

This theme will explore putting policy into practice across different health care settings and to meet the diverse needs of the Australian community.

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