Quality use of medicines (QUM) scholarship

The NMS QUM scholarship provides an opportunity for a health academic, health worker or policy maker from the Asia-Pacific region with an interest in quality use of medicines or rational drug use to attend and present their work at NMS 2012.

The scholarship provided complementary registration to NMS 2012 (24–25 May 2012) and to the Asia Pacific Conference on National Medicines Policies (26–29 May 2012). We accepted applications from people in the Asia–Pacific region who are working in a relevant QUM field or role.

Quality use of medicines, or rational drug use, is one of the central objectives of Australia's National Medicines Policy. It is described as selecting management options wisely, choosing suitable medicines if a medicine is considered necessary and using medicines safely and effectively. 

The winner provided a 10-minute oral presentation of their work as part of a concurrent session at NMS 2012.

NMS 2012 scholarship winner 

The winner of the NMS 2012 Asia Pacific scholarship, Dr Li Yang, presented her research into the impact of the free medicines policy in rural Beijing for adults with cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Yang is Associate Professor at the School of Public Health at Peking University and holds a PhD in health economics.

Some of the major studies she has been involved in include evaluating the impact the national essential medicines policy and analysing the evidence for rational drug use in clinical practice alongside cost effectiveness of new drugs.