National Medicinewise Awards 2016

The biennial National Medicinewise Awards are an opportunity for NPS MedicineWise to recognise outstanding Australian contributions to quality use of medicines and medical tests.

The awards were presented by NPS MedicineWise as part of the 2016 National Medicines Symposium.

What is quality use of medicines and medical tests?

Quality use of medicines and medical tests is about using medicines and medical tests wisely, effectively and well to improve our health. It encompasses three main principles that apply to medical tests, prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines bought at pharmacies and supermarkets, and herbal and natural medicines.

Quality use of medicines and medicine tests involves:

  • Judicious use (selecting management options wisely)
  • Appropriate use (choosing suitable medicines or tests if considered necessary)
  • Safe and efficacious use (using medicines and tests safely and effectively to get the best possible results)

About the National Medicinewise Awards

Across Australia there are a broad range of stakeholders involved in meeting existing and emerging challenges around medicines and medical tests. We’re keen to hear about outstanding projects, services, programs and activities undertaken by individuals, groups and organisations: from clinical settings to private industry, academia, government, and consumer and other non-profit organisations.

The awards recognise excellent initiatives that contribute to a medicinewise Australia in the following areas:

  • Consumer initiatives: community level
  • Consumer initiatives: population level
  • Health professional programs: <$100,000 budget
  • Health professional programs: >$100,000 budget
  • Excellence in consumer information
  • Excellence in e-health resources
  • Excellence in media reporting (articles printed from 24 April 2014-22 April 2016)

National Medicinewaise Awards Dinner

It is important that entries address the specific criteria for each award category as well as the overarching awards criteria.


Winners will receive:

  • One complimentary registration to NMS 2018.
  • Publication of details of the winning entry on the National Medicinewise Awards website and in NPS MedicineWise publications.
  • Promotion in relevant industry media.

Recognising entrants

All entrants will receive acknowledgement and recognition of their efforts in improving quality use of medicines and medical tests in Australia, on the National Medicines Symposium website.

What are we looking for?

We look for a broad range of initiatives that are making Australia more medicinewise.

The evidence supporting your submission might be from a published work or a case study. Alternatively, your initiative might work towards a medicinewise Australia on an ongoing basis, in which case your entry should describe your approach, outcomes and the value of the activity.

We welcome all entries that reflect a genuine effort to improve medicines or medical test use and consumer health outcomes.

Entries and nominations for the National Medicinewise Awards closed 22 April 2016.

Submit an entry

Do you have questions?

Please contact the NMS secretariat.

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