Evaluating our work

Evaluating our work

Evaluation plays a pivotal role in business sustainability and program improvement at NPS MedicineWise. It is an iterative process of assessing the impact of the organisation and its activities, and also endeavours to support strategic planning, decision-making and the design of programs/projects.

Our evaluation practice can be categorised into four stages.

  1. Plan: we input into formative research, program design and strategic planning, design agreed evaluation components and deliver Evaluation Plans.
  2. Implement: we develop and test evaluation instruments and collect, analyse and interpret data.
  3. Communicate: we compile reports, make recommendations, and communicate and disseminate findings both internally and externally where appropriate.
  4. Incorporate: we support, and initiate when required, the cross-organisational use of critical evaluation findings.
Diagram using circles and arrows to depicti the NPS MedicineWise Evaluation process which includes the steps: Plan, Implement, Communicate, and Incorporate

Our evaluation practice diagram.

Evaluation team

An in-house evaluation team is responsible for evaluating NPS MedicineWise and its activities. The expertise in the team includes: program evaluation, e-health evaluation, biostatistics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, market research and public health research.

Read the highlights of our most recent Annual Evaluation Report.

You can also read our most recent National Survey findings and browse a full list of our reports.

Evaluation Framework

The NPS MedicineWise Evaluation Framework outlines why we conduct evaluation and illustrates our evaluation practice. It provides guiding principles for the evaluation of the organisation and its activities for the period 2013 to 2017, and supports decision-making and accountability reporting at all levels of the organisation.

GP survey results

NPS Medicinewise periodically surveys GPs when national therapeutic programs are delivered. The surveys evaluate knowledge, attitude and behaviour change among GPs who actively participate in our programs. 

Read the survey results for our national therapeutic programs

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