International programs

Since 1998, NPS MedicineWise has been helping people in Australia to make better decisions about medicines, medical tests and other medical choices and creating demonstrable improvements in health and economic outcomes for Australia. 

In 2013, we began providing services and technical assistance to governments and agencies internationally. Our services help build capacity to systematically improve the quality of use of medicines and medical tests and achieve better health and economic outcomes. 

Our service principles

In developing collaborations and service arrangements with international partners, NPS MedicineWise uses rigorous, evidence-based approach which:

  • is informed by systematic analysis of local needs and an understanding of barriers and enablers for success
  • demonstrates and uses understanding of the local social and cultural context
  • keeps consumers and their carers at the centre of all activities 
  • encourages inclusive and collaborative decision making
  • is underpinned by sound knowledge of best practice 
  • builds on our knowledge and experience of national medicines policies
  • uses a broad range of experience in translation of data and knowledge into action
  • creates positive and sustainable impact. 

Our products and services

Consultancy services 

We provide a range of consultancy services including:

  • designing, developing, implementing and evaluating programs to improve the use of medicines and other medical choices
  • designing, developing, implementing and evaluating antimicrobial stewardship programs 
  • face-to-face education and training
  • capacity building for knowledge transfer
  • medicines management improvement 
  • guideline implementation
  • action research for practice improvement, including drug use evaluation
  • analysis and evaluation of service delivery.

Knowledge and information products

NPS MedicineWise provides a range of knowledge and information products related to health policy and rational use of medicines and medical tests including:

  • detailed evidence reviews and evidence summaries
  • purpose-designed audit and feedback tools
  • reflective learning products
  • decision support and medicine management tools for both health professionals and consumers
  • online education and training products.

Our service is delivered by a small unit of core staff based at NPS MedicineWise in Australia, including family doctors, pharmacists, nurses, epidemiologists, public health physicians, business analysts, data analysts and expert consumer advocates. We have an extensive network of expertise in specific areas of practice to support and supplement services.

Delivering value 

Our products and services can be adapted for local requirements, but will always utilise and build upon our long experience and strong track record for success in Australia. We can deliver value by enabling:

  • reducing unnecessary variation in clinical practice
  • removing unnecessary waste in medicines and medical test use
  • designing and delivering evidence-based health promotion programs
  • actively engageing consumers and communities as partners in shared decision-making
  • increasing capacity for health technology assessment and implementation.

How we are funded

We are an independent, not-for-profit company based in Australia which receives funding from the Australian Government and a range of other providers. Our international operations are funded on a fee-for-service basis, either with direct funding from the client country or via funding from national or international agencies.

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NPS MedicineWise is a dynamic and evolving company. Our people are passionate about quality use of medicines and medical tests and are experts in their field, excelling in service delivery.

For further information about our international activities please contact Sean Houston at or Jonathan Dartnell at