To get the most out of Australia’s substantial investment in healthcare and access to medicines, it’s important we understand how medicines are used and prescribed.

Until now it has been difficult to determine how medicines are prescribed, whom they are prescribed for, and the conditions and effects of new medicines released into the community.

MedicineInsight is a unique, Australian Government funded program that aims to improve understanding of prescribing behaviour in Australian general practice.

Through this understanding, MedicineInsight will assist general practitioners in improving the quality and safety of their prescribing where required, with the ultimate goal of achieving better health outcomes for all Australians. 

See how MedicineInsight has been implemented in Shepparton, Victoria, courtesy of Weeknights on Southern Cross Ten. 


How does MedicineInsight work?

MedicineInsight collects anonymous patient and clinical care information from general practices over a length of time. The program links the information on patient diagnosis to the medicines prescribed, the health services provided and the clinical impact.

MedicineInsight analyses this information and reports back on:

  • when, what dose, and for what type of patient medicines are being used
  • the effects of a medicine(s) on an individual
  • how new medicines are adopted once released into the community
  • alignment with recommended best practice
  • any adverse events
  • changes in prescribing behaviour (for example, before and after new evidence or guidelines become available).

This offers significant potential for government, public health organisations and prescribers to improve policy and clinical practice, assist the relevance and effectiveness of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), and achieve better health outcomes.

MedicineInsight will not enable NPS or government organisations to monitor individual GP's prescribing patterns or identify individual patients. All information gathered is anonymous.

Benefits to health professionals

MedicineInsight provides GPs with tailored treatment data on their patients, in an accessible and useful format. Equipped with this new information, GPs can make fully informed decisions to improve the quality and safety standards of patient care.

The program also aims to improve the quality of data that is recorded by general practices in existing clinical management software programs.

MedicineInsight, as with other NPS programs, is designed to improve patient outcomes at an individual and nationwide level. 

Read our MedicineInsight GP information sheet for more benefits and details on participation.

Ethics approval

The safe and secure transfer of information and the ethical considerations of patients and GPs are governed by a robust framework.

The pilot phase of MedicineInsight received approval from the Royal Australian College of General Practioners (RACGP) Ethics Committee on 10 January 2013.

This approval ensures all ethical issues have been considered during the program’s design and development and that each step is being conducted ethically (for example, confidentiality and storage of data).

Keeping in touch with MedicineInsight

Practice Update is a quarterly newsletter to practices participating in MedicineInsight.

Further information

For more information about MedicineInsight, or if your general practice would like to get involved in the program, please contact us or call the MedicineInsight hotline on 1300 721 726.

Read MedicineInsight's privacy measures.