Drug information and decision support uptake

Partners: University of Newcastle and University of NSW

Principal researchers: Dr Jane Robertson, Dr David Newby and Dr Sallie-Anne Pearson

This project began in 2006 and aims to:

  • Understand factors influencing clinicians’ decisions to access and use evidence-based drug information and decision support in paper and electronic format.
  • Identify interventions that improve access and uptake of evidence-based drug information by clinicians, made available in paper or electronic form.
  • Pilot test interventions to improve uptake of evidence-based drug information using information communication and technologies.

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Robertson J, Walkom E, Pearson S-A, Hains I, Williamson M, Newby D. The impact of pharmacy computerised clinical decision support on prescribing, clinical and patient outcomes: a systematic review of the literature. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice; 2010;18(2):69 - 87 (Abstract)