Advisory and editorial groups

  • Our programs are overseen by advisory groups made up of individuals with expertise in a wide range of disciplines, specialties and backgrounds and include:
  • general practitioners (GPs)
  • specialists
  • consumers
  • nurses
  • pharmacists
  • government and pharmaceutical industry representatives
  • academics and educators.

Individuals are invited to participate based on their expertise, not necessarily as representatives of their organisations. Groups meet regularly during the year by teleconference and occasional face-to-face meetings. Members of advisory groups also participate in planning days.

Advisory groups provide valuable advice on intervention design, implementation and evaluation. Our programs are subject to rigorous evaluation to ensure that we are providing the services required to meet our goals.

Our advisory and editorial groups:

  • Antibiotic Resistance Reference Group
  • Australian Prescriber Editorial Executive Committee
  • Consumer Advisory Group
  • Choosing Wisely Advisory Group
  • Data Governance Committee
  • Diagnostics Expert Advisory Panel
  • Nurse Insight Group
  • Prescribing Intervention Expert Advisory Group

Board committees

NPS MedicineWise Audit committee

Our audit committee meets periodically to support our Board and management in the diligent use of NPS funds. The committee regularly reviews financial results, oversees risk management, reviews and develops policy in the areas of finance and risk, and oversees our annual audit process.

NPS MedicineWise Board Governance and Nomination Committee

The Board Governance and Nomination Committee ensures that the NPS Board has the necessary skills and expertise to discharge its responsibilities. As each position on the board is vacated, the Board Governance and Nomination Committee identifies the essential criteria for replacement, interviews applicants and recommends appointment to the board. The Board makes the final decision regarding appointment. The committee is also responsible for providing advice to the board on governance issues such as board policies and procedures.