Living with type 1 diabetes

While there is currently no cure for type 1 diabetes, it can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle in addition to using injected insulin to manage your blood glucose levels. This will help slow down the progression of the disease and lessen the risk of developing diabetes complications.

But it’s not just about glucose. If you have diabetes, managing your blood pressure and cholesterol are just as important.

Diabetes can affect your body and your health in different ways. Keeping your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol at your recommended target levels, making healthy lifestyle changes and using your medicines can help you reduce the risk of complications, like eye and kidney damage, heart attack and stroke.

A healthy lifestyle is vital for everyone with diabetes

Using injected insulin is only one part of managing your type 1 diabetes. You can improve your health and help keep your diabetes well controlled by:

For more information on diet, physical activity, avoiding alcohol and quitting smoking, click on the links above. A health professional, diabetes educator, or exercise physiologist can also provide guidance. Information and resources are also available from consumer organisations, such as Diabetes Australia. Find out who else can help you.

Read our booklet Keeping track of your diabetes: It’s not just about glucose to find out:

  • what your glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol targets are
  • which health checks you can have and how often to have them
  • how medicines and a healthy lifestyle can help.

Download a copy or order one for free.

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