Diabetes MedsCheck

If you have diabetes, you may be eligible for a Diabetes MedsCheck, which is fully funded by the Australian Government. This is an opportunity for you to have a private, face-to-face conversation with a pharmacist about your medicines and blood glucose management in a pharmacy. This is different from the Government-subsidised Home Medicines Review, which is organised by your doctor and carried out by a pharmacist in your home.

What is a Diabetes MedsCheck?

During the Diabetes MedsCheck consultation, the pharmacist will answer any questions you may have about all the medicines you are taking (prescription, non-prescription and complementary medicines), what each medicine is for, the correct dose, the potential side effects, and any problems you may have with your medicines or your blood glucose control. This is to help you better manage your diabetes and get the most out of your medicines to prevent any complications.

The pharmacist will also provide information about blood glucose monitoring devices and training in how to use them. Ideally, take all your medicines and monitoring devices along with you to the consultation.

At the end of the review, the pharmacist will give you a list of all the medicines you need to take, what they are for and when to take them. Together, you will agree on your healthcare goals and any action you may need to take, and any follow-up visits you may need with your doctor and other healthcare providers.

Am I eligible for a Diabetes MedsCheck?

You may be eligible for a Diabetes MedsCheck if you have type 2 diabetes and you:

  • have a valid Medicare or DVA card
  • are living at home in a community setting
  • haven’t had a pharmacy MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Home Medicines Review or Residential Medication Management Review in the past 12 months
  • have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the past 12 months, or if you
  • need help to manage your type 2 diabetes and
  • don’t have access to existing diabetes education or health services in your community.

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