Infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic) and worms

Microbial and parasitic diseases

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The infections (bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic) and worms category is also known as microbial and parasitic diseases.

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23 May 2013 Adults may need vaccinations if they’re at greater risk of infection or if they were not immunised as a child. Learn about adult vaccinations such as influenza, pneumococcal, MMR, shingles & more.
20 May 2013 Vaccinations protect people of all ages and backgrounds against harmful diseases. Whether it’s children, pregnant women, older people or travellers, find out which groups need immunisation and when
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17 Apr 2013 With winter approaching, NPS MedicineWise is reminding Australians that anyone can catch the flu (influenza) — and that having the flu vaccination is the single best way to protect against the infection, and its potential complications.
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06 Dec 2012 In 2013 the recombinant quadrivalent human papillomavirus (types 6, 11, 16 and 18) vaccine (4vHPV) will be available on the National Immunisation Program for boys aged 12–13 years.
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27 Nov 2012 This leaflet is about preventing an infection of the heart in people with heart conditions. The infection is called infective endocarditis (EN-doh-car-DI-tis). It explains how antibiotics can be used, how advice about using antibiotics has recently changed, and why keeping your mouth healthy is very important.
27 Nov 2012 Amoxycillin is an antibiotic used to treat chronic bronchitis, bacterial sinusitis, pneumonia, and middle ear infections (otitis media). Find out more.
20 Nov 2012 Antibiotics are medicines used to treat a wide variety of infections or diseases caused by bacteria
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15 Apr 2012 Colds are an infection of the respiratory tract that can cause a sore throat or cough. Learn more about colds and flu, and what you can do to relieve your symptoms.

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