Sleep apnoea

Sleep apnoea

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02 Sep 2014 Fatigue can be a symptom of an acute physical condition such as a viral infection, a chronic condition such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, or can occur after recovery from surgery or a long illness.
13 Jun 2014 Sleep apnoea is a common comorbidity of asthma and should be investigated in patients with troublesome nocturnal symptoms. Find out more:
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13 Jun 2014 Other causes for respiratory symptoms unrelated to asthma may point to an alternative diagnosis. Find out more:
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16 Apr 2012 Sleep apnoea affects around five per cent of Australians, including one in four men over the age of 30. Increasingly home sleep studies are being used to investigate and diagnose the illness
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01 Jun 2011 Snoring is a symptom and a sign of airway obstruction and in serious cases can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular events. It is a heterogeneous condition so to effectively treat it requires a multidisciplinary approach, according to Wollongong ENT head and neck surgeon Dr Stuart MacKay