Acute low back pain

Lumbar pain

Acute low back pain is a common problem – though it may not make you feel any better to know that. It will affect four out of five Australians at some time in their lives.

Find out more about how to manage low back pain, medicines to use, and why scans are unlikely to help.

Resources for health professionals  

These resources are for health professionals. Please do not use these resources without the assistance of a health professional.

  • Back pain choices
    NPS MedicineWise together with the George Institute have devised an online tool to help in the management of acute low back pain. The Back Pain Choices tool steps through the clinical assessment of back pain and enables users to build a customised patient information sheet.
  • Symptomatic management pad
    A pad designed to help health professionals provide advice to their patients on the symptomatic management of acute low back pain.
  • Poster
    An A3 poster advising patients that X-rays and other scans rarely help to treat acute low back pain.
  • Seminar
    This seminar enables health professionals and NPS facilitators to provide evidence-based information about the appropriate management of acute low back pain to community groups.

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