Non-medicine treatments for migraine

The following non-medicine treatments may help to prevent frequent or troublesome migraines in some people. They can be used either instead of, or in addition to, medicine treatments.

  • Physical therapies, e.g. physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment, especially where neck problems are thought to be contributing to migraines. It’s essential to seek out a therapist with specialist training in this area, as there have been very rare reports of stroke after spinal manipulation of the neck.
  • Physical exercise
  • Relaxation training, which can help manage underlying problems with stress. Yoga and meditation may be worth considering.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a psychological therapy that teaches people to identify and challenge stress generating thoughts. CBT is useful in all age groups, including children and teenagers.
  • Acupuncture.

Keeping a headache diary can help identify migraine triggers. Avoiding triggers (if possible) probably won’t eliminate your migraines completely but may reduce the number you have.

There are other non-medicine ways to relieve your pain. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about non-medicine options that may help.

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