Management of specific respiratory tract infections

Clinical e-Audit for GPs

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­ CPD Points

  • RACGP 40 (Category 1) QI&CPD points (QI activity)
  • ACRRM 30 PRPD points


This clinical e-audit enables you to review your current practice, consider implementing changes to practice and reflect on areas for ongoing improvement. The feedback allows you to compare your best practice clinical indicators. The activity is intended to be relevant in all general practice settings.

This online activity is designed to operate in all common web browsers.

Reflect on your management of 10 patients with:

  • acute bacterial rhinosinusitis
  • acute sore throat / pharyngitis / tonsillitis
  • acute otitis media
  • common cold / acute viral rhinitis (non-specific upper respiratory tract infection), or
  • acute bronchitis

Learning outcomes

Participation in this activity will assist GPs to:

  • implement a systematic approach to identify patients for whom antibiotic therapy, and imaging, is recommended
  • feel more confident in engaging patients in discussion about symptomatic management and benefits and harms of antibiotic therapy
  • explore patient beliefs and expectations about management options and tailor communication strategies accordingly
  • select the recommended antibiotic, dose, frequency and duration of treatment where therapy is indicated
  • refer for X-rays and CT scans only where guidelines recommend in rhinosinusitis.


Frequently asked questions

CPD points and practice incentives


This activity has been accredited  for 40 (Category 1) points (QI activity) in the RACGP QI&CPD Program for the 2017–2019 triennium (activity ID number 92155).

This activity has been accredited  for 30 PRPD points in the ACRRM PDP Program for the 2017–2019 triennium (code7344).

This activity is recognised for the Practice Incentives Program Quality Prescribing Incentive (PIP QPI).


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