Acute postoperative pain

DUE for hospitals

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The acute postoperative pain (APOP) drug use evaluation (DUE) is a quality improvement activity to assist hospital surgical, anaesthetic, pharmacy, and nursing staff working with surgical patients to conduct an audit of patient care in the area of acute postoperative pain.

Learning objectives

Participation in this activity will assist health professionals to:

  • audit the quality of patient care in APOP management by measuring key quality indicators
  • provide real-time reporting of key indicators/performance measures at an individual hospital level
  • provide indicator feedback data in an accessible format that helps implement an appropriate educational intervention/quality improvement strategy
  • undertake educational intervention for behaviour change.


CPD and Incentives 


It is recommended that 25 Group 1 CPD credits be recorded for the purpose of self-directed CPD.


It is recommended that 25 CPD hours be recorded for the purpose of self-directed CPD.

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