Medicines in older people: preventing medicines-related problems

Pharmacy Practice Review for pharmacists

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­ CPD credits

Up to 8 hours of Group 3 CPD (or 24 CPD credits).

Pharmacists have specialised medicines knowledge and play an important role in preventing medicines-related problems in older people. This activity presents an opportunity for pharmacists to engage with older people who are using multiple medicines, and to reflect on their current practice and identify areas for further improvement.

NPS MedicineWise is encouraging all health professionals to adopt a coordinated approach to medicines management in older people, and to engage with their older patients and their family/carers as active partners in health decisions.

Learning outcomes

Participation in this activity will assist pharmacists to:

  • identify medicines-related problems in older people through
    • awareness of risk factors for medicines-related problems in older people
    • knowledge of why older people are at higher risk of experiencing medicines-related problems
  • discuss recommendations regarding drug choice, dosing, and duration through
    • considering indication, dosing, and ongoing need for medicines when reviewing a patient's medicines
    • considering adverse drug reactions and drug interactions when reviewing a patient's medicines
    • confidence in making recommendations to the doctor about a patient's medicines
  • consider principles for medicine use in older people when reviewing medicines through
    • awareness of the principles for medicine use in older people
    • making recommendations to simplify the dose regimen to improve adherence
    • recognising a prescribing cascade
  • recommend strategies to minimise risk of medicines-related problems through
    • familiarisation with strategies to minimise risk of medicines-related problems
    • recommendation of strategies to minimise risk of medicines-related problems.

Participants will have access to

  • up-to-date clinical guidance, providing evidence-based information to update your knowledge and guide your counselling encounters with patients
  • pharmacist tools that inform and support your best practice discussions with patients.

CPD and competencies


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Accreditation number: 150044. This activity has been accredited for 8 hours of Group 1 CPD (or 8 CPD credits) suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan which can be converted to 8 hours of Group 3 CPD (or 24 CPD credits) upon successful completion of relevant assessment activities and a suitable period of reflection before and after the activity.

Pharmacy Practice Reviews assist pharmacists to meet the following competency standards as set out in the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Australia 2010:

  • Standard 1.2 Practise to accepted standards
  • Standard 1.3 Deliver 'patient-centred' care
  • Standard 1.5 Maintain and extend professional competence
  • Standard 2.1 Communicate effectively
  • Standard 2.2 Work to resolve problems
  • Standard 2.3 Collaborate with members of the health care team
  • Standard 3.4 Manage quality service delivery
  • Standard 4.2 Consider the appropriateness of prescribed medicines
  • Standard 4.3 Dispense prescribed medicines
  • Standard 6.1 Assess primary health care needs
  • Standard 6.2 Deliver primary health care
  • Standard 6.3 Contribute to public and preventive health
  • Standard 7.1 Contribute to therapeutic decision-making
  • Standard 7.3 Influence patterns of medicine use
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