National Prescribing Curriculum

The National Prescribing Curriculum (NPC) is a series of interactive case-based modules that encourage confident and rational prescribing. The modules follow a stepwise approach as outlined in the WHO's Guide to Good Prescribing. Find out how to register.


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Current NPC modules

Acute coronary syndrome

Treat an episode of acute coronary syndrome in an elderly patient recovering from pneumonia.... more

Acute mania in bipolar disorder

Assess and manage a patient previously diagnosed with type I bipolar disorder presenting with symptoms of acute mania.... more

Acute pulmonary oedema in CHF

Treat an acute episode of pulmonary oedema in a patient with chronic heart failure.... more

Adolescent mental health

Support and consider appropriate treatment for a teenager exhibiting symptoms of depression.... more


Treat a woman with anaemia.... more

Analgesics in persistent pain

Look at the use of analgesics in managing persistent pain.... more

Anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation

Consider appropriate anticoagulation for a patient with atrial fibrillation.... more

Bone complications

Manage a dental patient with symptoms that could arise from one or more different diagnoses.... more

Chronic heart failure

Review and optimise the management of a patient's chronic heart failure.... more

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exacerbation

Treat a patient admitted to ED with an acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).... more

Confusion associated with alcohol withdrawal

Treat a confused elderly hospital patient with a history of heavy drinking.... more

Confusion in geriatric patient

Manage confusion arising during an exacerbation of an elderly patient's chronic heart failure.... more

Facial pain

Manage a dental patient with symptoms that could arise from either trigeminal neuralgia or a periodontal abscess.... more

Glycaemic control in long-established diabetes

Consider further treatment options for an elderly patient diagnosed with type 2 diabetes more than a decade ago.... more


Manage a patient with newly diagnosed hypertension with a comorbidity of asthma.... more

Lipid management and CVD risk

Address the cardiovascular risk of a 49-year old man who is concerned that he is at high risk of having a heart attack.... more

Management options to maximise sleep

Consider the treatment options for a middle-aged patient with sleeping difficulties.... more

Opioid dependence

Initiate and plan ongoing outpatient treatment for a patient who presents at ED with narcotic analgesic dependence. In addition, you will consider leg... more

Opioid therapy in chronic pain

Consider the role of opioid analgesics in managing a 64-year old man who suffers from non-specific chronic back pain.... more

Peptic ulceration with H. pylori

Treat a patient with peptic ulcer disease due to Helicobacter pylori.... more


Treat an elderly patient on multiple medications and comorbidities who presents with various signs and symptoms indicating multiple system failure.... more

Post operative pain and vomiting

Treat a patient with pain and vomiting following a surgical operation.... more

Prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism

Consider appropriate prevention of VTE in hospital inpatients. Pulmonary embolism is responsible for approximately 10% of all deaths in hospital, even... more

Respiratory tract infection in a child

Treat a young child who presents to ED at night with an upper respiratory tract infection and fever.... more


Treat a young woman presenting to the ED following an episode of generalised seizure.... more

Sore mouth

Treat a dental patient with a complex range of oral symptoms.... more

Type 2 diabetes part 1

Manage a middle-aged patient who has been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.... more

Type 2 diabetes part 2

Continue the long-term management of a middle-aged patient with type 2 diabetes at a later stage of the disease.... more

Urinary tract infections

Treat a young woman presenting with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. She is afebrile, has no rigors, and no abdominal or loin pain or tenderness... more


The National Prescribing Curriculum is available through self registration on our learning website An active email address is required for account activation. Once registered you can access the modules using your username and password on any computer with internet access.

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