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Current online courses

Antimicrobials - bacteraemia

Diagnose and treat a case of Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia.... more

Antimicrobials - catheter-associated urinary tract infections

Treat a hospitalised patient for a catheter-associated urinary tract infection.... more

Antimicrobials - community-acquired pneumonia

Diagnose and treat a case of community acquired pneumonia in a hospital setting.... more

Antimicrobials - surgical prophylaxis

Examine the role of antibiotic prophylaxis for patients undergoing surgical procedures.... more

Blood pressure: measure, manage and monitor

This free online course on blood pressure management can assist GPs, pharmacists and nurses with assessing cardiovascular risk and treating high blood... more

Demystifying bioequivalence

This module is designed to explain the role of bioequivalence in generic medicines development and to assist health professionals to feel confident ex... more

Fatigue: dealing with uncertainty - a diagnostic approach to fatigue

This interactive module explores the diagnostic approach to fatigue in young to middle-aged adults, to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence i... more

Medical tests

Healthcare professionals are routinely presented with scenarios where clinical diagnosis and therapeutic decisions are made based on medical test resu... more

Medication safety training

Learn about common types of medication errors and the main causes of errors. We will look at how you can help prevent them from occurring in your work... more

National inpatient medication chart training

The National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) has been developed to ensure that complete and accurate information is included for all drug orders so ... more

Quality use of medicines - for health professional students

Learn about the principles of QUM and the roles different health professionals play in promoting QUM.... more

Quality use of medicines - why, what, how, and who?

This course sets QUM in context, provides an overview of QUM principles and their application, and explores the roles and responsibilities of various ... more

Safety through Adverse Event Reporting

This free course will guide you through the adverse event reporting process. Reporting adverse events is important to ensure that therapeutic products... more

The medicinewise practitioner - Belinda

Belinda is a 22-year old with lifestyle issues and confirmed schizophrenia. Her first episode of psychosis occurred when she was nearly 20 years old. ... more

The medicinewise practitioner - Benji and Bridgit

Benji is a 3-year-old boy presenting in the Emergency Department of the local hospital with shortness of breath. He is brought in by his mother Bridgi... more

The medicinewise practitioner - Bill

Bill is a 55-year-old man with Type 2 diabetes. He is a new patient at your practice, having just moved into the area to be closer to family. As a way... more

Unlocking asthma inhaler technique

Guiding conversation about inhaler technique, and demonstrations of correct technique using a specific methodology... more

Managing UTIs in aged care

Treat a hospitalised patient for a catheter-associated urinary tract infection.... more

About online courses

Our online courses:

  • provide practical opportunities to improve prescribing for medicines and medical tests
  • meet the demands of health professional knowledge and practice
  • offer rigorous interrogation of the latest evidence in knowledge and workplace practice
  • add value to every stage of your degree and career
  • offer well renowned researched expertise and quality
  • offer continuous professional development points.


Online learning courses

All courses (except National Prescribing Curriculum and Antimicrobials modules) are available through self registration on our learning website An active email address is required for account activation. Once registered you can access the courses using your username and password on any computer with internet access.

Antimicrobials modules

These courses are located on a different website and require special registration depending on whether you are a student or a practicing health professional. Please follow the relevant instructions below:

University students

You will need to obtain a course key from your lecturer. They will provide the instructions on how to create your account. Please do not join any of the other choices below as it will not count on your course mark.

Health Professionals

  1. go to the ‘Sign up here’ link
  2. fill in your details
  3. choose institution: Antimicrobial modules ACSQHC
  4. select the course: Antimicrobial modules ACSQHC
  5. the course key for these modules is am2012.

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