Pharmacy Practice Review

Our Pharmacy Practice Reviews are free quality improvement activities that help pharmacists and intern pharmacists to review their current practice for patients with certain conditions compared, with current best practice standards, guidelines and pharmacist competencies.

Who can do a Pharmacy Practice Review?

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Interns


Participate in all of our pharmacy practice reviews for free.

­ CPD credits

Up to 8 hours of Group 2 CPD (or 16 CPD credits).

Current Pharmacy Practice Reviews

Asthma management: elements for good control

Support your patients with their asthma management by exploring the elements for good control, based on the new Australian Asthma Handbook 2014.... more

Blood pressure: enhancing adherence, achieving control

This free Pharmacy Practice Review for pharmacists is on patient adherence to use of blood pressure lowering medicines for high blood pressure (hypert... more

Chronic pain: opioids and beyond, supporting a multimodal approach

This free CPD activity helps pharmacists support management of patients with chronic pain, recognising the importance of a biopsychosocial approach.... more

Depression: Supporting quality use of antidepressantsNEW

This pharmacy practice review is about quality use of antidepressants for depression. Find this activity and more free CPD for pharmacists here.... more

Medicines in older people: preventing medicines-related problems

Pharmacists have specialised medicines knowledge and play an important role in preventing medicines-related problems in older people. This activity pr... more

Oral anticoagulants: promoting safe use

This activity promotes opportunities for you to engage with people using an oral anticoagulant and reflect on your current practice.... more

Reducing CVD risk

This Pharmacy Practice Review has been designed to help you reflect on your encounters with patients using a statin and/or ezetimibe. This activity pr... more

Type 2 diabetes: a patient-centred approachNEW

This free CPD activity helps pharmacists support management of patients with type 2 diabetes... more

Type 2 diabetes: enhancing patient care

This activity promotes opportunities for you to engage with people using a glucose-lowering medicine for type 2 diabetes and reflect on your current p... more

What's involved in a Pharmacy Practice Review?

Pharmacy practice reviews use best practice standards and guidelines to help pharmacists review current practice, consider implementing changes to practice, review and reflect on these changes, and monitor progress.

Review materials also focus on identifying priorities for patient counselling, provide tools to assist effective counselling and identify pharmacist competencies which will be addressed by completion of the activity.

All participants complete data collection for required episodes of care, receive a feedback report that includes individual results, aggregate results of all participants' practices and an expert commentary on the aggregate results. Participants are provided with a template to record their development and learning plan.

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