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Aspirin and AMD - a link missing Is it safe to use SSRIs during pregnancy? Fracture risk with high dose thyroxine

Aspirin and AMD — a link missing

A study of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in aspirin users prompted media claims of a risk of blindness in long term users. Aspirin is an important preventive medicine for people at risk of cardiovascular disease. Will it increase their risk of AMD? 

Is it safe to use SSRIs during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use SSRIs during pregnancy?

Depression can influence pregnancy outcomes and should be managed appropriately. There are inconsistent findings about whether SSRIs increase adverse outcomes in pregnancy, so what should you consider when treating pregnant women?


Fracture risk with high-dose thyroxine

Fracture risk with high-dose thyroxine

The TGA has published a safety update, and the Product Information has been updated, warning about the risk of osteoporotic fracture in patients taking excessive thyroxine doses. Read more for practical advice on managing patients taking thyroxine.

Five messages from NPS MedicineWise about:

Complementary medicines

1. Complementary medicines as companion products

Specific nutritional supplements may be offered to patients with their prescription medicines; however, this should not be done lightly as it adds financial costs and may cause side effects or medicine interactions. 

2. Balancing the benefits and risks of calcium supplements

Recent reports have linked calcium supplementation with increased cardiovascular events. As calcium supplements are widely used, should the modest increase in cardiovascular risk alter management of calcium deficiency or osteoporosis? 

3. Do fish oil supplements prevent CVD?

While there is an association between eating fish regularily and a lower rate of cardiovascular events, data from clinical trials investigating fish oil supplements for prevention of cardiovascular disease are inconsistent.

4. Depression and complementary medicines

There are many complementary medicines for depression and some patients may believe they can be taken with prescription antidepressant medicines.
However some, such as St John's wort, are not safe to take with antidepressants.

5. Patient information about choosing wisely

Complementary medicines are used by many people, and it is important that they are advised to use them with care. Refer patients to this information so they can learn how to use complementary medicines safely. 

GPs vital for secondary prevention in ACS

Over half of all heart attack deaths in Australia are caused by secondary events. GPs play a vital role in the care of patients following a heart attack. How can you ensure your patients receive the best possible care?

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