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NPS MedicineWise makes it easier for you to stay up to date with the latest health news and evidence. Our articles provide independent evidence-based information about medicines, medical devices and current health topics.

NPS Health News and Evidence provides you with all the latest relevant information to help inform best practice. To ensure we provide the most appropriate advice, we:

  • review the latest evidence from peer-reviewed journals, systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • consult national and international guidelines
  • work with national health authorities and professional bodies 
  • seek advice from clinical experts.

Health News and Evidence articles will help you

  • Stay up to date with the latest evidence about medicines, medical devices and current health topics.
  • Review the evidence around a current health topic.
  • Employ practice points based on best clinical practice advice.

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Latest issue

Phytoestrogens for menopausal hot flushes

Phytoestrogens are a group of plant compounds that are becoming increasingly popular among women as they search for non-hormonal therapies to help provide relief from menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes. Are they safe and do they work?

High-risk medicines: how to avoid errors

Do you know the high-risk medicines and patient factors that put people at risk? Adverse drug reactions caused by inappropriate prescribing, dispensing or monitoring can be prevented.

Antimicrobial resistance — it's happening right now

The latest WHO report signals an end to thinking about antibiotic resistance as a challenge for the future. Resistance to some of our most powerful antibiotics is happening right now. Discover which microbes are causing the greatest threat to public health in Australia and around the world. Learn steps to promoting antimicrobial stewardship and the tools to share it with your patients.