MedicineInsight privacy & security

MedicineInsight ensures information is collected ethically, legally, securely and confidentially. Our data governance is based on Australian privacy laws and the Australian Privacy Principles.

For more information read the NPS MedicneWise privacy policy.

How is information collected?

A signed agreement is required from the general practice owner (or authorised representative) for a general practice to participate in MedicineInsight. Once a practice agrees to participate in MedicineInsight, information entered into clinical desktop systems is collected via a data collection tool. Information is also collected via forms supplied from participating GPs.

What information is collected?

The data collected include: 

  • GPs' personal information (name, provider number)
  • de-identified patient demographic information
  • medicines prescribed for patients
  • conditions medicines are prescribed for
  • the effects of treatments.

How do patients know their information is being collected?

We require patients to be informed of a practice's participation in MedicineInsight and what that means for personal information.

Each participating practice:

  • displays a poster to inform patients that their de-identified data will be collected by MedicineInsight
  • makes available additional patient information
  • provides MedicineInsight contact details (email and phone line), to address any concerns patients may have.

Express signed patient consent is not sought as the patient information collected does not identify individual patients. Patients can opt out of the program if they do not wish to participate by filling in a form available at the practice.

How do practice staff know their information is being collected?

Practice owners (or authorised representatives) are asked to inform practice staff that the practice has agreed to participate in MedicineInsight. 

Consent is required for MedicineInsight to link GP personal information with the non-identifiable clinical data to produce customised clinical reports for quality improvement activities. GPs that do not consent will not be provided with customised clinical reports. They are still able to participate in quality improvement activities.

Is my information secure?

We have implemented security and data governance measures to ensure that data held by MedicineInsight cannot be accessed by any non-approved person either within or external to NPS MedicineWise.

The data collection tool only collects non-identifiable patient data. This means it does not allow personal patient information to be accessed in any way outside of the practice. Any personal information that is collected from practice staff will remain confidential. Identified information will not be released to any third party.

We store de-identified clinical data in a secure data warehouse. The data remains secure during transfer, storage, analysis and reporting. Any reports or feedback provided to GPs are also securely processed and transmitted.

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