For your patients

These resources help health professionals communicate essential treatment messages to patients.

They are best used during a consultation and are designed to complement consumer medicine information (CMI) leaflets, which contain specific information about particular medicines.

These resources can be imported into practice software.

Fact sheets

Fact sheets can be printed and given to your patients.

Importing resources into practice software

Some fact sheets and treatment plans can be accessed and printed from prescribing software systems (Best Practice, MedTech 32, Genie and Medical Director). Leaflets not available from prescribing software systems can be manually imported into the software. Instructions for importing and printing the leaflets from Medical Director and Best Practice are included below.

Online tools and resources

Tools and calculators on the NPS website you can recommend to your patients.

Blood pressure information prescription

Designed to allow a health professional to select information about a medicine, condition, medical test or other health topic from a list of options, to create a unique, personalised ‘fact sheet’ for every patient. This fact sheet can then be printed or saved as a PDF.

Cardiovascular risk calculators

Tools to help assess cardiovascular risk and possible treatment benefits

Diabetes Health Tracker

Use the Diabetes Health Tracker to keep track of your medicines, health checks and their targets and to help manage your diabetes.

HbA1c unit converter tool for type 2 diabetes

Use the NPS HbA1c converter tool to keep track of the changes in the way glycated haemoglobin test results are reported

MedicineList+ smartphone app

MedicineList Plus smartphone app - free download for iPhone and Android. Keep important information about your medicines in one place. You can edit and update all your information, and set alarms to remind you when to take your medicines.

Medicines eList

Use the Medicines List (online) to help you get the most from your medicines. Edit, save, print or email the list and share it with your doctor, pharmacist or other health professionals, so they know about all the medicines you are using.

Medicines List (paper)

A Medicines List is a useful way to keep all the information about your medicines together. Keep the list in your wallet or bag. Available in many languages.

Stepping down asthma treatment

Use our interactive decision tool as part of ongoing asthma management in adults and children. It will help you step down treatment, based on asthma control

Take the sleep quiz

Take the modified Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) sleep quiz. Help with sleep problems and alternatives to sleeping pills.

NPS MedicineWise and The COACH Program

Phone support service proven to help reduce risk factors for chronic health conditions.