FAQ - Clinical e-Audit

NPS Clinical e-Audits

General questions

What does the Clinical e-Audit involve?

To complete this activity there are two cycles of data collection and review to be completed:

  1. Initial data collection and summary. Collect data on and review the management of 10 patients with type 2 diabetes using a glucose-lowering medicine(s). Reflect on your clinical indicator results and compare with the aggregate results of all GP participants.
  2. Review data collection and summary. After you have implemented changes to the management of your patients, collect data on these changes. Reflect on your improvement in results along with those of all GP participants. Complete the Feedback questions and consider how this activity may have influenced your practice.

How do I get started?

Use the following link to register online, and start the activity immediately:

Do I need to complete all the patient data collection at once?

No. You can complete your data collection over any number of sessions.

Will I be reminded to submit my data?

You will receive an email reminder if you have not completed Initial data collection four weeks after starting data collection and if you have not completed Review data collection four weeks after submitting Initial data collection.

You will also receive an email reminder six weeks before the QPI PIP deadline if you have completed Initial data collection but not Review data collection.

Who has developed the software?

The Clinical e-Audit has been developed in-house by NPS MedicineWise.

Are there any costs for the software and any related services?

No. Clinical e-Audits are one of the education and quality improvement activities provided free of charge to Australian GPs by NPS MedicineWise.

What if I have other questions?

All online pages within the audit activity have a Support link in the top right hand corner. The Support page provides telephone and email contact details if you have other questions about the Clinical e-Audit activity or software.

Technical questions

How do I access the Clinical e-Audit software?

The software is a web application hosted on the NPS MedicineWise website. It is accessed via an Internet connection and any compatible web browser (see the list below). No software will be installed on your local computer, although some information will be stored in a local browser cookie.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Internet access is required. The software is designed for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7-9, Mozilla Firefox 3-5, Safari for Mac, and Google Chrome 8-12 browsers. The software assumes a minimum screen size of 1024 by 768 pixels.

Does Clinical e-Audit work on Macintosh computers?

Yes, Clinical e-Audit will work on any operating system that runs one of the supported web browsers. The software is designed for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7-9, Mozilla Firefox 3-5, Safari for Mac, and Google Chrome 8-12 browsers.

Does Clinical e-Audit work on iPads or iPhones?

Clinical e-Audit software will run on an iPad, or any similar device with sufficient screen resolution, but is not designed for use on smart phones such as iPhones.

Where will my data be stored?

Your personal details and patient data will be stored on secure NPS servers. A backup copy of the names of the patients that you include in the audit will be stored in a browser cookie on your local computer.

How secure is the data transmission to and from the NPS MedicineWise servers?

All communications between your web browser and the NPS MedicineWise web server will use the secure HTTPS transfer protocol. Your web browser will display a padlock icon to confirm that it has validated the NPS MedicineWise website's digital certificate, and all messages between the browser and the NPS server will be encrypted.

How safe is my patient data?

The only patient identifiers collected by the software are the patient names that you provide. These names are encrypted, using an encryption key generated from your password, before they are stored on the NPS MedicineWise servers. As NPS MedicineWise does not store your password (it only stores a code generated from your password), you are the only person able to decode your patient names. Even NPS MedicineWise staff with access to the Clinical e-Audit database cannot identify your patients.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, it will not be possible to retrieve it, so you will be issued with a new one. If this occurs, however, it will not be possible to decode the stored patient names that were encrypted with your old password. To avoid the inconvenience that this would cause, backup copies of patient names will be stored in a browser cookie on the physical computer from which you access the Clinical e-Audit.

Do I need to backup my patient data?

No, all data entered into the Clinical e-Audit is stored and backed up on NPS MedicineWise servers.

Is there any possibility of conflicts with other software?

No, the Clinical e-Audit will not install any software on your local computer, and will not interact with any local software except your web browser.

Is there any support if I have other questions or problems?

All online pages in the audit activity have a Support link in the top right hand corner. Click on the Support link to ask questions, request support or provide feedback via email or to access telephone contact details.