Decision and management tools

NPS MedicineWise has created a range of decision and management tools to support quality use of medicines and medical tests.

Anticoagulants — when and how to start, monitor, change or stop

Warfarin is the mainstay of anticoagulant therapy, but the newer oral anticoagulants may also have a place for some patients. Use our Anticoagulants decision tools to help you start, stop and change between anticoagulants.

Back pain choices

NPS MedicineWise together with the George Institute have devised an online tool to help in the management of acute low back pain. The Back Pain Choices tool steps through the clinical assessment of back pain and enables users to build a customised patient information sheet.

Respiratory tract infections symptomatic management pad and patient counselling tool

Designed for use in consultations with patients who have simple respiratory tract infections that do not require antibiotics (e.g. common cold, uncomplicated rhinosinusitis).

This tool is also available as a PDF in certain prescribing software packages.

Copies of the English version are available to order from our orders page.

Antipsychotic monitoring tool

Lists recommended monitoring intervals and what you need to check for in patients taking antipsychotic medicines long term.

Download and print the Antipsychotics monitoring tool and add it to your patient's notes, or enter data onto the PDF form and save it in your patient's electronic file.

Comparative information on antipsychotic medicines

A table of common and serious adverse effects of the most frequently used antipsychotic medicines. Also lists PBS status of the medicine.

Resources on antipsychotics

List of useful and credible resources on mental health and antipsychotic medicines, for your patients.

Compounded and ‘bioidentical’ hormone therapy

Overview of the claims and evidence for complementary therapies for managing menopausal symptoms.

Products and regimens for hormone replacement therapy

List of some of the available approved prescription products (and their regimens) for menopausal symptoms.

Your heart and stroke risk score patient resource

A resource that explains absolute cardiovascular risk to patients and includes a space for you to record their risk score.

Cardiovascular risk calculators

Online resources to help health professionals objectively assess their patient's cardiovascular disease and stroke risk.

Patient leaflets and action plans

Communicate essential treatment messages to your patients using these patient leaflets and action plans. Leaflets and action plans are available for a range of medical conditions.