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Title Date
April edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 April 2017
Early treatment key to success in rheumatoid arthritis 3 April 2017
Reducing Hepatitis C in Australia 3 April 2017
Rheumatic fever rates high among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 3 April 2017
Cutting through the complexity: new program on COPD from NPS MedicineWise 28 February 2017
COPD affecting 1.45 million Australians: but what is it? 28 February 2017
Look locally before buying overseas prescription medicines online - it could save your life and your wallet 23 February 2017
Will your medicines survive the Sydney heatwave? 10 February 2017
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 February 2017
Treating prolonged epileptic seizures in children 1 February 2017
Whatever happened to the compounding pharmacists? 1 February 2017
Prescription-only codeine? Talk to your doctor about the many ways to manage pain 20 December 2016
New report: Contradicting views on reasons behind unnecessary tests 15 December 2016
Iron deficiency more common than you think 5 December 2016
Top ten drugs in Australia 2015-16 5 December 2016
Antibiotics and gut health: Finding the right balance 17 November 2016
Antibiotic Resistance: Here and now 13 November 2016
NPS MedicineWise welcomes ‘one health’ approach to antibiotic resistance 11 November 2016
Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016: tackling a global health problem 10 November 2016
Help halt the bugs this Antibiotic Awareness Week 10 November 2016
Ankle & knee imaging: new program on your imaging choices 20 October 2016
Handle antibiotics with care: Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016 18 October 2016
Contraception: One size does not fit all 1 October 2016
Editorial: Costs, benefits and concerns in today’s cancer care 1 October 2016
Practical resources for people living with a diagnosis of dementia 30 September 2016
‘Dr Google’ is here to stay — So how do you do it safely? 25 August 2016
Occasional medicine users not getting the full benefits of their medicines 23 August 2016
Be Medicinewise Week: Helping Australians take charge of their medicines 22 August 2016
Don't be embarrassed: Take charge of your medicines! 21 August 2016
Media alert: Strontium (Protos) for osteoporosis no longer on the PBS 8 August 2016
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 August 2016
Australia’s top 10 drugs 1 August 2016
Sore throat and sinusitis, and the few benefits of antibiotics 1 August 2016
Antibiotic overuse for kids with winter ailments: More harm than good 18 July 2016
New tool to address type 2 diabetes medicine adherence issues: NPS MedicineWise 14 July 2016
One in four Aussies with type 2 diabetes missing doses of their diabetes medicines 13 July 2016
Take charge of your medicines this August 12 July 2016
Otitis Media: Clarifying the antibiotic prescribing gap 8 July 2016
Australian child care centres urged to help raise awareness about inappropriate antibiotic use for young children 6 July 2016
Dealing with prescription drug-seeking behaviour 1 July 2016
New learning to help GPs manage Hepatitis C in primary care 22 June 2016
National Antibiotic Report: Misconceptions still prevail this cold and flu season 15 June 2016
Type 2 diabetes: what's next after metformin? New NPS MedicineWise program 2 June 2016
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now. Final print issue for icon of Australian medical publishing 1 June 2016
New health professional depression resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients 30 May 2016
Bringing health decision making into the real world: National Medicines Symposium 23 May 2016
Big knowledge gaps with children's paracetamol 20 May 2016
Pregnant women and new parents sharing medicines information on Facebook 20 May 2016
National Medicinewise Awards: Winners announced in Canberra last night 20 May 2016
National Medicines Symposium underway in Canberra today 19 May 2016
Quick reference guide improves antibiotic prescribing 19 May 2016
Take complementary medicines with care: NPS MedicineWise 17 May 2016
A million Australians missing out on heart treatment 2 May 2016
Antibiotic research is heartening but individual action still needed 20 April 2016
New snapshot of NPS MedicineWise impacts health outcomes 8 April 2016
Supporting quality use of antidepressants: New faster, flexible pharmacy Practice Review options 6 April 2016
Caution! Diagnosis creep 1 April 2016
Dementia and medicines: Empowering you to understand your options 21 March 2016
United action to safeguard Australians from unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures 16 March 2016
Australia's medical colleges, societies and associations unite as Choosing Wisely Australia: the next wave launches 14 March 2016
National Medicinewise Awards: call for entries 11 March 2016
Depression: The place in therapy for both non-pharmacological approaches and antidepressants 7 March 2016
NMS 2016: final days to submit abstracts 23 February 2016
Heartburn and indigestion? You may have GORD 1 February 2016
New honorary memberships recognise outstanding achievements in quality use of medicines 12 January 2016
Pain relievers, alcohol and hangovers 21 December 2015
Educate yourself about your pain relief medicines: NPS MedicineWise 18 December 2015
Seek advice about changes to common over-the-counter medicines ahead of the holidays 15 December 2015
Testosterone therapy – weighing up the risks 4 December 2015
National Medicines Symposium 2016: your chance to be a part of the program 3 December 2015
Medicinal cannabis: the evidence and the challenges 1 December 2015
Sex, drugs and screening 1 December 2015
Treatment of hepatitis C undergoing rapid change 1 December 2015
Atlas shines a light on healthcare variation 26 November 2015
Call for 'cultural shift' on antibiotic use 20 November 2015
Introduction to antimicrobial prescribing: new health professional course 20 November 2015
Take a bite out of antibiotic resistance: skin infections and bite injuries 19 November 2015
Now is the time to handle antibiotics with care: Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015 16 November 2015
GPs across Australia to receive feedback on their antibiotic prescribing 16 November 2015
Osteoporosis: reducing the projected health burden 5 November 2015
Osteoporosis warning: under-recognised and under-treated in Australian men 5 November 2015
New online learning resource helps pharmacists combat pharmaceutical drug misuse 22 October 2015
Optimising medicine use in older Australians 16 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: Increasing awareness on medicines and ageing 16 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: Adherence is a big medicines issue in Australia 15 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: Putting the 'me' in medicines for teenagers 14 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: Too many medicines mistakes in children. Jimmy Rees launches Be Medicinewise Week 13 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: Stop and think about medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding 12 October 2015
Stay safe with medicines while breastfeeding 12 October 2015
Be Medicinewise Week 2015: You’re never too early/small/cool/busy/old to be medicinewise 9 October 2015
Drugs of addiction – reform and the future 2 October 2015
Changes to the national cervical cancer screening program 1 October 2015
Business as usual for pap smears ahead of big changes in 2017 1 October 2015
Now is the time for a national conversation about appropriate health care 29 September 2015
New reporting collaboration for use of antibiotics in aged care 21 September 2015
The pitfalls of opioid prescribing – what prescribers need to know 18 September 2015
Handle antibiotics with care: Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015 15 September 2015
Pharmacists - need to catch up on CPD? 7 September 2015
Springtime hay fever: persevere to find effective treatment for seasonal allergies 1 September 2015
Be Medicinewise at all ages and life stages: Be Medicinewise week announced for 2015 5 August 2015
Overuse of medicines in older Australians: what can we do? 3 August 2015
Giving up smoking – can medicines help? 3 August 2015
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 August 2015
Reducing obesity key to managing osteoarthritis 3 August 2015
Let's talk about chronic pain 23 July 2015
Educational partnership launched: NPS MedicineWise and primary health care 22 July 2015
Choosing Wisely announces next wave of participating colleges and societies 21 July 2015
The Doctor's Bag: new emergency app for health professionals 17 July 2015
Sneezing billboards spreading an important health message this cold and flu season 17 July 2015
A man walks into a bar... and picks up a superbug 25 June 2015
Reports of resistant superbug a timely reminder to use antibiotics wisely this winter 17 June 2015
See your doctor if you've stopped your statin without medical advice: NPS MedicineWise 15 June 2015
Chronic non-cancer pain - a multimodal approach to treatment is required 11 June 2015
NPS MedicineWise welcomes Australia's first antimicrobial resistance strategy 2 June 2015
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber & the new Doctor’s Bag app out now 1 June 2015
Australia’s most commonly discarded medicines 1 June 2015
Advances in medical management of malignant melanoma 1 June 2015
Judging panel announced for the industry-first antibiotic resistance short film competition 26 May 2015
Pledge to fight antibiotic resistance this cold and flu season 21 May 2015
NPS MedicineWise presents: a creative challenge on antibiotic resistance 19 May 2015
Know your numbers this World Hypertension Day on 17 May 2015 15 May 2015
2015 flu vaccine: navigating the choices 12 May 2015
Winter is coming: fight antibiotic resistance every day in May 8 May 2015
Winter is coming so #savethescript 1 May 2015
Australia joins the global 'Choosing Wisely' healthcare revolution 28 April 2015
DATIS and NPS MedicineWise: New three-year contract 22 April 2015
Choosing Wisely Australia launching in 2015 17 April 2015
Latest NPS MedicineWise program: stepping down from proton pump inhibitors 2 April 2015
Post-traumatic stress disorder can go unnoticed 2 April 2015
Time to reassess high use of prescription heartburn and reflux medicines by Australians 2 April 2015
Patient education about warfarin pivotal to successful use 2 April 2015
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 April 2015
Inaugural chair of Choosing Wisely Australia advisory group appointed 26 March 2015
Latest program from NPS MedicineWise targets blood pressure 10 March 2015
Too many Australians unaware of health risks of high blood pressure 10 March 2015
Accidental fentanyl exposure in children can be fatal 4 March 2015
NPS MedicineWise board appoints new Chair 25 February 2015
New NPS MedicineWise Annual Evaluation Report 18 February 2015
New tool to tailor information for patients presenting with fatigue 11 February 2015
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 4 February 2015
Choosing a combined oral contraceptive pill 2 February 2015
Choosing Wisely Australia launching in 2015 30 January 2015
New NPS MedicineWise honorary members 20 January 2015
Antibiotic resistance: Remains a serious health threat despite discovery 13 January 2015
Medicines can make skin more sensitive to the sun: NPS MedicineWise 9 January 2015
Measuring vitamin D - does everyone need to? 5 January 2015
Be wise with complementary medicines: Interactions and side effects can happen 19 December 2014
Be a medicinewise traveller this holiday season: NPS MedicineWise 16 December 2014
Testosterone therapy – weighing up the risks 4 December 2014
Reporting adverse events: New online learning modules for health professionals 2 December 2014
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 December 2014
Top 10 subsidised drugs in Australia 1 December 2014
NPS MedicineWise Reducing Antibiotic Resistance Program: Urinary Tract Infections – Exploring Antibiotic Treatment 20 November 2014
Antibiotic Awareness Week 2014: Urgent action needed from doctors and patients to curb antibiotic resistance in Australia 19 November 2014
Antibiotic Awareness Week 2014: Could Your Individual Prescribing Decisions be Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance? 19 November 2014
Antibiotic Awareness Week 2014: Imagine a world without antibiotics 17 November 2014
NPS MedicineWise: Men's health advice this Movember 6 November 2014
Imagine a world without antibiotics: Save the date for Antibiotic Awareness Week 3 November 2014
Overuse of pain relievers poses a safety risk for Australians 17 October 2014
Are you taking your prescription medicines as prescribed? 14 October 2014
Be safe and wise with complementary medicines this Be Medicinewise Week 13 October 2014
Does your medicine cabinet need a clean out? Many Australians keep expired medicines in their home 10 October 2014
Tricks of the trade in drug promotion 2 October 2014
New case study from NPS MedicineWise: Diagnostic approach to fatigue 1 October 2014
Finding reliable information about medical tests: New information-sharing collaboration 24 September 2014
Feeling knackered? You're not alone 24 September 2014
Testing for fatigue not necessarily the first step: NPS MedicineWise 19 September 2014
New pharmacy practice review now available: Addressing elements for good asthma control 18 September 2014
NPS MedicineWise reappoints Debbie Rigby to the board 3 September 2014
Are your medicines helping or hindering? Be Medicinewise Week announced for 2014 28 August 2014
NPS MedicineWise announces first bilingual pharmacist hour 19 August 2014
GPs: Review how well patient asthma is controlled 18 August 2014
Manage the symptoms of your cold or flu without antibiotics: NPS MedicineWise 14 August 2014
Don’t stop taking anticoagulants without talking to your doctor: NPS MedicineWise 6 August 2014
RADAR reviews of ivermectin, ferric carboxymaltose and tapentadol 1 August 2014
Be medicinewise this National Pain Week 23 July 2014
Unlocking asthma inhaler technique: New NPS MedicineWise and Asthma Australia initiative 17 July 2014
Pharmaceuticals, pharmacists and profits: two perspectives 4 July 2014
Two in three Aussie workers incorrectly believe antibiotics work for colds and flu 24 June 2014
Optimising asthma control in children: New NPS MedicineWise case study 17 June 2014
Prescription drug dependence: Pattern of substance abuse changing in Australia 6 June 2014
Living with multiple medicines: repository of real life stories 5 June 2014
June 2014 edition of Australian Prescriber out now 2 June 2014
Supplements and herbal medicines for mental health: what’s the proof? 2 June 2014
Queensland measles outbreak: Check your vaccinations are up to date 28 May 2014
Improve literacy and compassion around death: NMS 2014 26 May 2014
Growing issue of self-funded treatment raised at NMS 2014 23 May 2014
How much do consumers really know about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs? 23 May 2014
National Medicinewise Awards winners announced at NMS 2014 23 May 2014
A Guide to Reading Health Care News Stories 22 May 2014
APOTEX and NPS MedicineWise partner to provide pharmacies with an enhanced version of the Medicinelist+ app for their customers 19 May 2014
Evidence update masterclass for GPs: Five hot topics 19 May 2014
NPS MedicineWise welcomes ABC ruling on Catalyst program on statins 12 May 2014
Australians should check the facts on asthma this world asthma day: NPS MedicineWise 5 May 2014
Prescribing picture becoming clearer 5 May 2014
New app now available for NMS 2014 as early bird deadline extended 2 May 2014
Antibiotic resistance: Every Australian has a role in solving this growing problem 1 May 2014
Expert judging panel to decide 2014 National Medicinewise Awards 23 April 2014
NPS MedicineWise announces winner of Asia-Pacific quality use of medicines scholarship 17 April 2014
Families of people with dementia urged to participate in monitoring their treatment 14 April 2014
Residential aged care facilities well placed to improve antipsychotic use in dementia 14 April 2014
Antibiotic resistant infections: the facts 9 April 2014
Helping you get your Parkinson's medicines on time, every time 8 April 2014
Full program now available for NMS 2014; earlybird registration closing 18 April 7 April 2014
Dose administration aids: help or hindrance when it comes to taking medicines? 1 April 2014
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 April 2014
Morning sickness: lifestyle and medicine treatments 1 April 2014
Overseas medical procedures: be mindful of unwanted antibiotic-resistant souvenirs 28 March 2014
NPS MedicineWise urges seniors to get wise about their medicines 20 March 2014
It’s time to consider a flu vaccination: NPS MedicineWise 14 March 2014
New report highlights urgency of taking action against antibiotic resistance 14 March 2014
An easy way to review risks of medicines-related problems in older Australians 12 March 2014
Entries now invited for national Medicinewise Awards 4 March 2014
Medicines in health: shaping our future at NMS 2014 in Brisbane 18 February 2014
Heart and stroke risk: a catalyst for conversation 14 February 2014
Heart and stroke risk: a catalyst for conversation 14 February 2014
New medicine list app helps gain a better picture of patient health 5 February 2014
New medicine list app with multiple profiles helps you care for the whole family 5 February 2014
Antibiotic resistance is changing the way urinary infections are treated 3 February 2014
Different types of urinary incontinence need different treatment 3 February 2014
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 February 2014
Pledging to fight antibiotic resistance does make a difference 29 January 2014
Recent measles outbreak: Check your child’s vaccinations are up to date 22 January 2014
Be medicinewise in the heat: Advice from NPS Medicines Line 17 January 2014
New NPS MedicineWise honorary members 15 January 2014
Asia-Pacific scholarship for NMS 2014: Applications now open 6 January 2014
Keep your cool when it comes to medicines 19 December 2013
Pharmacists can help prevent medicines-related problems Australians 19 December 2013
Get ready for the National Medicines Symposium in Brisbane, 21–23 May 2014 11 December 2013
Frequently asked questions: statins and cardiovascular disease 6 December 2013
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 2 December 2013
New lists of top 10 subsidised medicines in Australia 2 December 2013
Off-label prescribing: what does it mean? 2 December 2013
Australian Prescriber articles on new class of drugs for diabetes 26 November 2013
Parents can lead the fight against antibiotic resistance - Antibiotic Awareness Week 18-24 November 2013 22 November 2013
Vaccinations: one more weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance - Antibiotic Awareness Week 18-24 November 2013 22 November 2013
Don’t bring a superbug home as a souvenir - Antibiotic Awareness Week 18-24 November 2013 20 November 2013
Antibiotic resistance is everyone’s problem - be part of the solution 18 November 2013
Create great expectations in primary and hospital care - Antibiotic Awareness Week 18-24 November 2013 18 November 2013
Don’t stop taking statins without talking to your doctor first 1 November 2013
Statins remain important; Patient selection is key 1 November 2013
New online interactive case study on type 2 diabetes 22 October 2013
Store and manage your medicines wisely in bushfire conditions Be Medicinewise week 2013 18 October 2013
Why be medicinewise? Asking questions is key to better health Be Medicinewise week 14 - 20 October 2013 18 October 2013
Follow instructions to avoid harmful medicine mistakes - Be Medicinewise week 14 - 20 October 2013 17 October 2013
Clean out your medicine cabinet today: Be Medicinewise Week 2013 16 October 2013
Being medicinewise is key to better health. Bert Newton launches Be Medicinewise Week 2013 14 October 2013
Bert Newton and Dr John D’Arcy launch Be Medicinewise Week 2013 14 October 2013
Will you help us build a medicinewise Australia? Be Medicinewise Week 14-20 October 2013 11 October 2013
Helping new arrivals to be medicinewise: medicines and refugees in Australia 1 October 2013
Latest Australian Prescriber edition out now; asthma drugs in pregnancy assessment and management of eating disorders, and more 1 October 2013
NPS MedicineWise medicine update: mifepristone (RU486) and misoprostol 23 September 2013
New report: Independent therapeutic advice — how achievable is it? 17 September 2013
Living well with warfarin: National Stroke Week 13 September 2013
Older, wiser and safer: reducing adverse medicine events in older people (for GPs) 3 September 2013
Older, wiser and safer: reducing adverse medicine events in older people (for pharmacists) 3 September 2013
Older, wiser and safer: reducing adverse medicine events in older people (nurses) 3 September 2013
Remember to weigh up risks and benefits of new PBS-listed anticoagulants 1 September 2013
Remember to weigh up risks and benefits of new PBS-listed anticoagulants (consumers) 1 September 2013
Report on Asia Pacific Conference on National Medicines Policies 29 August 2013
Stay well on the road: Be Medicinewise Week 2013 28 August 2013
Be Medicinewise Week 2013: Just seven weeks to go 26 August 2013
New reporting mechanism for antipsychotic use in aged care 12 August 2013
Medicinewise interventions deliver positive changes in primary care 5 August 2013
Community stewardship needed to strengthen defence against antibiotic resistance 1 August 2013
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 August 2013
New PBS drugs reviewed in NPS RADAR 1 August 2013
Targeted therapies providing new treatment options for people with cancer 1 August 2013
Newer anticoagulants have both risks and benefits 30 July 2013
Stay up to date with CVD risk: Reflective learning activity for GPs now online 25 July 2013
Debra Kay appointed to NPS MedicineWise Board 23 July 2013
Why be medicinewise? Ask your doctor the right questions 17 July 2013
Three ways to keep track of your diabetes: National Diabetes Week 14–20 July 2013 12 July 2013
Join the urgent fight against antibiotic resistance 10 July 2013
Be medicinewise with cough and cold medicines in young children 9 July 2013
Longer exposure to antibiotics can contribute to resistance: NPS MedicineWise (GPs) 2 July 2013
Longer exposure to antibiotics can contribute to resistance: NPS MedicineWise (Pharmacists) 2 July 2013
New brand choices resources coming to a community pharmacy near you 24 June 2013
Pharmacists key to promoting safe use of oral anticoagulants 20 June 2013
Order of Australia honours for NPS MedicineWise CEO Dr Lynn Weekes 12 June 2013
Five questions for parents to ask about medical imaging 6 June 2013
Cholesterol-lowering medicines in elderly people: side effects may outweigh benefits 3 June 2013
June edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 June 2013
Don’t have six minutes? Try six seconds. 31 May 2013
The six second fight against antibiotic resistance 31 May 2013
Vitamin D tests and deficiency: New patient resource for GPs 30 May 2013
World No Tobacco Day 31 May 2013: Medicinewise ways to kick the habit 29 May 2013
Preventing pneumococcal disease: a vaccine success story 26 May 2013
Which tests make a difference? Messages for GPs 23 May 2013
Which tests make a difference? Messages for nurses 23 May 2013
Which tests make a difference? Messages for pharmacists 23 May 2013
Be aware: Perindopril + Amlodipine PBS listing differs from label 17 May 2013
Managing blood pressure – part of the diabetes trifecta World Hypertension Day, 17 May 2013 13 May 2013
Save lives: wash your hands. 3 May 2013
Want to form a healthy habit? Just wash your hands! 3 May 2013
Weigh risks and benefits of old and new oral anticoagulants 29 April 2013
RU486: Are you dealing with the real issues? 26 April 2013
Check, switch and adjust safely: New decision support tools for oral anticoagulants 26 April 2013
A shot in the arm for flu protection: NPS MedicineWise 17 April 2013
Dr Roger Sexton appointed to NPS MedicineWise Board 8 April 2013
NPS MedicineWise review of new combo medicine for diabetes and cholesterol 5 April 2013
Pregabalin PBS listed as an alternative treatment for neuropathic pain 5 April 2013
Folic acid supplements not always of benefit 3 April 2013
Accidentally dropped in the eye: over 1200 medicine mishaps 3 April 2013
Understanding medical causes of sexual problems 3 April 2013
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 April 2013
Three ways to protect yourself from a ‘superbug plague’ 18 March 2013
Super gonorrhea spreads to Parliament House A super important health message from NPS MedicineWise 12 March 2013
New national health program kicks off in Shepparton 6 March 2013
Side effects: don’t play the lead in your own medicines horror story 1 March 2013
Review of newer oral contraceptives: Medicinewise advice for health professionals 14 February 2013
Health professional participation in NPS MedicineWise programs remains strong 12 February 2013
Warfarin safety vital for thousands of Australians 6 February 2013
Making sense of anticoagulants for GPs: New NPS MedicineWise program 5 February 2013
Making sense of anticoagulants for pharmacists: New NPS MedicineWise program 5 February 2013
February edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 February 2013
Oral chemotherapy: balancing convenience with medication risks 1 February 2013
Don’t undo good work of home medicines reviews: NPS MedicineWise 30 January 2013
New online learning activities help improve outcomes for patients with type 2 diabetes 23 January 2013
NPS MedicineWise type 2 diabetes webinar recording now available 23 January 2013
Multivitamins are medicines too and should be taken with care 18 January 2013
Health benefits of quitting smoking may outweigh small CVD risks of varenicline 16 January 2013
Pharmacists play a key role in consumer brand choices 16 January 2013
Store medicines safely in the heat: NPS MedicineWise 8 January 2013
NPS MedicineWise welcomes Sansom recommendations on anticoagulants 18 December 2012
Warfarin vs Rivaroxaban – NPS RADAR weighs up the evidence 12 December 2012
Peter Turner appointed to NPS MedicineWise Board 11 December 2012
Stay safe with warfarin this Christmas: NPS MedicineWise 11 December 2012
Mixing grapefruit with medicines: some surprising interactions 10 December 2012
Bringing hospital antibiotic treatments into the home 3 December 2012
December edition of Australian Prescriber out now 3 December 2012
Expert advice on acne treatment 3 December 2012
Three honorary members appointed by NPS MedicineWise 27 November 2012
Be medicinewise with complementary medicines 20 November 2012
Super mums and dads can lead the fight against superbugs 17 November 2012
Can I drink alcohol with my antibiotics? 15 November 2012
Australia must get wise about antibiotics to reduce the spread of superbugs Antibiotic Awareness Week: 12-18 November 14 November 2012
GPs can make a difference during antibiotic awareness week 12 November 2012
New e-learning modules to help fight antibiotic resistance 12 November 2012
Save the date: Antibiotic Awareness Week 12-18 November 2012 29 October 2012
Pharmacists need to get advice right on cough and cold medicines for children 20 September 2012
NPS advice on mifepristone and misoprostol now available online 6 September 2012
Holistic approach needed when managing type 2 diabetes 29 August 2012
Will antibiotics affect my contraceptive? 23 August 2012
Be medicinewise with cough and cold medicines in young children 17 August 2012
NPS RADAR reviews new medicines for Parkinson’s disease and antiplatelet therapy 10 August 2012
Concerned about medicine costs? Use the NPS Medicine Name Finder to explore your brand choices 5 August 2012
August edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 August 2012
Some asthma medicines overprescribed for children 1 August 2012
Headaches can hurt less: New headache diary from NPS medicinewise 27 July 2012
Back pain choices: New tool helps diagnose and manage low back pain 24 July 2012
How can I treat my cold or flu? Questions to ask your health professional 12 July 2012
New resource to help smart travellers be medicinewise about vaccinations 9 July 2012
Resurgence of whooping cough heightens the importance of vaccination 13 June 2012
Antidepressants top the list of frequently asked medicines questions: NPS 12 June 2012
Don't let the flu floor you this season: consider the flu vaccine 5 June 2012
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 June 2012
Optimising asthma care: few patients have written asthma action plan 1 June 2012
Scanning the evidence for imaging in acute RTIs: NPS webinar recording now available 31 May 2012
Calls for additional labelling symbol on new medicines: NMS 2012 28 May 2012
Medicines an integral part of palliative care: Palliative Care Week 2012 28 May 2012
National MedicineWise Award winners announced at NMS 2012 25 May 2012
NPS launches prescribing competencies framework 25 May 2012
It's depression, but is an antidepressant indicated? 21 May 2012
Medicine brand choices: Pharmacy resource pack in the mail 16 May 2012
"New ideas and CPD points for pharmacists at NMS 2012 15 May 2012
Scanning the evidence for imaging in RTi: NPS webinar 4 May 2012
New online tool to help consumers navigate their medicine brand choices 2 May 2012
"Final NMS 2012 program now available 1 May 2012
Government must take the lead in tackling antibiotic resistance: NPS board chair Dr Janette Randall address to the National Press Club 26 April 2012
National Press Club address ‘Back to the future; life without effective antibiotics’ 26 April 2012
‘Back to the future — life without antibiotics’: National Press Club address on 26 April 23 April 2012
Sign up to be an antibiotic resistance fighter at 23 April 2012
1 in 5 Australians expect antibiotics for coughs or colds: new NPS campaign 18 April 2012
Are home studies effective in diagnosing serious sleep problems? 16 April 2012
Asthma treatment still inadequate in Australia 16 April 2012
Influenza vaccine recommended but select the appropriate vaccine 12 April 2012
Media briefing on new NPS Medicinewise ‘Antibiotic Resistance’ campaign 11 April 2012
Escape the daily routine - but don't forget your medicine 5 April 2012
Entries now open for National Medicinewise Awards 3 April 2012
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 2 April 2012
Safe use of adrenaline for people with anaphylaxis 2 April 2012
1 in 3 Australians search internet before they speak to their doctor: Be medicinewise Week 2012 30 March 2012
5 questions to ask when you are offered an alternative brand of medicine: Be medicinewise Week 2012 30 March 2012
Consumer should be centre of care when offering alternative medicine brands 30 March 2012
1 in 5 Australians have experienced an adverse effect from their medicine: NPS shows you how to be medicinewise 28 March 2012
1 IN 5 Australians have taken an expired medicine: Clean out your medicine cabinet today 27 March 2012
57% of Australians make mistakes with their medicines: Be Medicinewise Week 2012 26 March 2012
NPS reappoints two directors 23 March 2012
Registrations now open for NMS 2012; scholarship winner announced 22 March 2012
Training in medicine management improves Aboriginal health 22 March 2012
An NPS first for pharmacists 13 March 2012
Get ready for Be Medicinewise week 2012 9 March 2012
New NPS information on Dextropropoxyphene: recommendations and alternatives 2 March 2012
Statins remain important for people at high risk of heart attack or stroke 1 March 2012
Make a medicinewise choice between brands 23 February 2012
People taking Di-gesic and Doloxene should speak to their doctor about alternative pain relief: NPS 22 February 2012
More work to be done in reducing antibiotic resistance 21 February 2012
Help combat antibiotic resistance with better patient communication 14 February 2012
Dangerous drugs online: counterfeits and undeclared ingredients 1 February 2012
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 February 2012
Be medicinewise on the playground 30 January 2012
Pain relievers may fix your hangover but cause other problems 25 January 2012
New NPS campaign to help combat antibiotic resistance 23 January 2012
Multiple medicine use very common: New snapshot of over-50s medicine habits 16 January 2012
Antipsychotic medicines: achieving the right treatment balance 11 January 2012
Asia-Pacific scholarship offered for NMS 2012 10 January 2012
Overindulgence over the holidays: tips for being medicinewise and staying healthy 22 December 2011
Australian Prescriber: Two viewpoints on deferring PBAC recommendations 21 December 2011
Risks associated with prescribing oral methotrexate 20 December 2011
Review patients taking simvastatin 80 mg daily 20 December 2011
Doctors and pharmacists want improvements in drug interaction alerts 12 December 2011
Award winning NPS iPhone app now includes a medicines reminder function 5 December 2011
NPS RADAR reviews new medicines for schizophrenia, bipolar I disorder, severe chronic pain and COPD 2 December 2011
NPS reviews new medicines for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder 2 December 2011
Are cholesterol medicines overused? 1 December 2011
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 December 2011
Medicines upon medicines: The Prescribing Cascade 1 December 2011
Latest edition of Medicines Talk available now 28 November 2011
Building a medicinewise community from the ground up: abstracts invited 24 November 2011
NPS supports TGA decision to cancel four pain relief medicines 24 November 2011
Three inaugural honorary members appointed by NPS; Kay Price reappointed to NPS Board 18 November 2011
Antipsychotic medicines and dementia: a fine balancing act 17 November 2011
NPS Medicines List iPhone APP Wins SHPA Award 17 November 2011
NPS launches new online information hub on World Diabetes Day 14 November 2011
NPS encourages pharmacists to take part in National Medication Safety Week 7 November 2011
NPS Brand Choices campaign returns to television screens 31 October 2011
NPS welcomes decision by Blackmores and Pharmacy Guild to drop endorsement arrangement 6 October 2011
Finding relief for low back pain 4 October 2011
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 4 October 2011
Take caution with codeine 4 October 2011
Pharmacists should provide independent advice, assess patients individually: NPS 27 September 2011
Be medicinewise this R U OK? DAY 14 September 2011
Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP) an important step towards improved medication management 12 September 2011
Complementary medicines are medicines too 8 September 2011
GPs urged to routinely assess benefits and harms for patients taking antipsychotics 7 September 2011
Debbie Rigby reappointed to NPS board 22 August 2011
NPS Prescribing Curriculum wins e-learning award 17 August 2011
An easy way to review patients at risk of cardiovascular disease 16 August 2011
Independent review of new stroke prevention medicine helps people Be medicinewise 9 August 2011
Multicultural communication award for NPS 3 August 2011
Dabigatran (Pradaxa): NPS RADAR Review 2 August 2011
Bone up on ways to prevent osteoporosis 1 August 2011
Clinicians need to help patients to deal with their 'workload' 1 August 2011
Latest edition of Australian Prescriber out now 1 August 2011
Some ingredients in medicines can have more than the desired effect 1 August 2011
New information on Varenicline (Champix) inconclusive: NPS (for consumers) 20 July 2011
New information on Varenicline (Champix) inconclusive: NPS (health professionals) 20 July 2011
Managing those at risk of osteoporotic fractures: new NPS clinical audit 19 July 2011
New in-pharmacy resources to help consumers Be medicinewise with medicine brand choices 1 July 2011
Make your smart phone a wise phone with the NPS medicines list iPhone app 28 June 2011
Multifaceted approach best for assessing osteoporotic fracture risk: NPS 22 June 2011
Be medicinewise: sometimes medicines and machinery don't mix 9 June 2011
Pharmacy Practice Review — reducing cardiovascular disease risk 7 June 2011
Managing HIV in General Practice 1 June 2011
Managing HIV in general practice, snoring treatments, and finding independent information on new drugs — in June edition of Australian Prescriber 1 June 2011
Surgery a valid treatment option for snoring 1 June 2011
NPS welcomes new board member 26 May 2011
New electronic tool for hospitals 12 May 2011
NPS budget announcement. May 2011 11 May 2011
National quality and safety standards needed for General Practice prescribing software 3 May 2011
Greater consideration needed by doctors before ordering vitamin D tests 12 April 2011
Find out your risk score before it's game over 11 April 2011
Be medicinewise with antibiotics — save the pill for the really ill as it won't kill viruses 6 April 2011
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