Don’t undo good work of home medicines reviews: NPS MedicineWise

Following a call from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia for an immediate moratorium on Home Medicines Reviews (HMRs), NPS MedicineWise is reiterating the importance of the program that has demonstrated success since its inception.

NPS MedicineWise CEO Dr Lynn Weekes says that patient safety needs to remain at the centre of discussions about whether to cap or change funding to the Home Medicines Reviews Program.

“NPS does not support a moratorium on Home Medicines Reviews,” says Dr Weekes.

“There is good evidence that Home Medicines Reviews reduce hospitalisations for some patient groups such as people taking warfarin or who have congestive cardiac failure, and as such, they are a highly cost-effective intervention that result in improved patient outcomes.

“Home Medicines Reviews are an important patient-centred service and the short- and long-term impact of a moratorium would be putting patient safety at risk.

“If there is a problem with over-servicing then an audit of HMRs would be a more direct way of addressing this issue.

“In the interest of patient safety, we hope this issue is resolved quickly.”


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