NPS MedicineWise type 2 diabetes webinar recording now available

Nurses interested in type 2 diabetes management are invited to view the free NPS MedicineWise webinar recording – Type 2 Diabetes: Prioritising CVD risk and managing medicines now available on the NPS website.

The webinar recording is suitable for diabetes educators, nurse practitioners, practice nurses, rural and remote nurses and registered nurses with an interest in diabetes.

The webinar was hosted as part of the NPS MedicineWise therapeutic program Type 2 diabetes: Priorities and Targets and encourages health professionals to take a holistic approach when caring for their patients with type 2 diabetes, addressing blood pressure and lipids as a priority to reduce their cardiovascular risk.

NPS MedicineWise clinical adviser Dr Philippa Binns says the webinar recording provides nurses with professional development opportunities for those unable to watch the live webinar broadcasts held in November.

The webinar discusses two cases focusing on management of type 2 diabetes according to cardiovascular risk with the expert panel discussing the benefits and risks of the different treatment options available.

“Diabetes can successfully be managed with lifestyle measures and the correct medicines and it’s always important to discuss strategies for improving lifestyle and managing medicines as people with type 2 diabetes are often taking multiple medicines” says Dr Binns.

“New treatment guidelines and changes to the way HbA1C tests results are reported are covered during the webinar along with cardiovascular risk calculators to aid decision making. It’s important for nurses to be aware of the new changes in the management of type 2 diabetes to optimise patient care.”

The webinar provided nurses with the opportunity to raise questions with a panel of diabetes experts. Due to time constraints it was not possible to answer every question during the live webinars, so a list of questions received together with their responses is available on the NPS website. People watching the recording will still be able to submit questions and the responses will be posted on the NPS website.

Expert panellists in the webinar included endocrinologist Associate Professor Roger Chen, general practitioner Dr David Lim, nurse practitioner and credentialed diabetes educator George Barker and remote area health nurse practitioner Terrie Ivanhoe. Practice nurse and APNA president Julianne Badenoch convened the webinar.

The webinar can be viewed free on the NPS website at

By viewing the recording and completing the evaluation form at the end nurses can earn 1 x continuing nurse education professional development point with APEC No 061110344 on behalf of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia as part of the RCNA’s Life Long Learning Program (3LP).

Other health professionals may view the webinar recording, although the activity is only accredited for nurses.


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