Three honorary members appointed by NPS MedicineWise

Three new honorary members of NPS MedicineWise have been appointed following an extensive call for nominations in this second year of honorary appointments.

The NPS MedicineWise Board resolved to invite Dr Stephen Phillips OAM, Emeritus Professor Anthony Smith and Ms Janne Graham AM to become honorary members of NPS MedicineWise.

NPS MedicineWise Board Chair, Dr Janette Randall, says the three new honorary members* have each made outstanding contributions over many years to the quality use of medicines in their chosen fields.

"Dr Stephen Phillips has made outstanding contributions in the areas of health systems policy, standards and safety.

“Emeritus Professor Anthony Smith is a national leader in the recognition and dissemination of quality use of medicines principles.

“And Ms Janne Graham has worked extensively representing consumer interests at a national and international level," said Dr Randall.

"The NPS MedicineWise Board is honoured to be able to publicly recognise and thank Dr Phillips, Professor Smith and Ms Graham for their dedication and support for NPS and our work over the years.

"I congratulate all three on their appointment as honorary members."

The new members join inaugural honorary members Ms Jan Donovan, Professor Emeritus Lloyd Sansom AO and Professor Richard Day AM, who were appointed in 2011.



Dr Stephen Phillips OAM

Dr Stephen Phillips OAM is a General Practitioner who has a strong interest in health systems standards and quality in relation to medicines, therapeutics and public health. Over the past two decades he has made an outstanding contribution to the National Medicines Policy, the regulation and subsidy of pharmaceuticals in Australia, and has been an advocate for the quality use of medicines through a variety of organisations and committees.

In 1998, Dr Phillips was a founding Director and the inaugural Chair of the National Prescribing Service, as it was then known. He served in this role until 2006 providing strong leadership on medicines policy, program development and implementation, and quality use of medicines promotion. Since his retirement from the NPS MedicineWise board, Dr Phillips has continued to be involved in the organisation’s work and is currently the Chair of the NPS MedicineWise e-health and Decision Support Expert Advisory Group.

Dr Phillips is a current member of the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines has played an active role in a number of Australian pharmaceutical and therapeutic advisory committees. In 2007, Dr Phillips was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his service to the medical community.

Emeritus Professor Anthony Smith

Since beginning his work in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Newcastle, Emeritus Professor Anthony Smith has made outstanding contributions to the development of medicines and public health policies in Australia.

In the 1990s he worked on the implementation of the new national policy on Quality Use of Medicines. He was Chair of the Commonwealth’s Pharmaceutical Health and Rational Use of Medicines (PHARM) Committee which developed the case for the creation of NPS and chaired the Advisory Committee which set up the organisation. He was an inaugural board member and Director of NPS, chaired the group that developed the National Prescribing Curriculum and played a role in the development of Australia's National Medicines Policy. He has been a member of a number of Australian and international committees that advocate for the quality use of medicines, working especially with WHO in the South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions.

Professor Smith maintains a strong relationship with and continues to contribute to quality use of medicines promotion through his extensive academic work.

Ms Janne Graham AM

For three decades, Ms Janne Graham AM has played a significant role in Australia’s consumer health movement. Ms Graham has represented consumer interests in her contributions to the National Medicines Policy and through her advocacy on a range of medicine-related issues at government, professional and industry forums both in Australia, and overseas. For her work as a consumer advocate including in the medicines field, Ms Graham was awarded membership in the Order of Australia.

In 1987, Ms Graham was elected Chair of Consumers Health Forum (CHF) helping to establish the organisation’s strong voice and reputation in the health sector. After six years in the role, Ms Graham was appointed Deputy Chair of the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC).

Since her participation in the steering committee which advised on the establishment of the National Prescribing Service, as it was then known, Ms Graham has maintained a strong and supportive relationship with our organisation. She is a current member of the Therapeutic Goods Administration Advisory Committee on Prescription Medicines (ACPM) and remains a strong advocate for the quality use of medicines in Australia.


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