Award winning NPS iPhone app now includes a medicines reminder function

5 December 2011

No more forgetting to take your medicine! NPS has introduced a range of new features to its award-winning Medicines List iPhone app that allow people to schedule in reminders to prompt them to take their medicine.

As part of the upgrade, people can also record whether they took their medicine on time — and if not, why not, which is useful information to share when they next see their doctor.

NPS clinical adviser Dr Danielle Stowasser says the scheduling functions are a lifesaver for those who have trouble taking their medicines as recommended by their health professional.

“With the Medicines List iPhone app upgrade, you can set reminders to help you take the right doses of your medicines at the right time,” says Dr Stowasser.

“All medicines have benefits and risks, and recording information about any possible side effects of your medicine, and whether you are taking your medicine as prescribed, can help your doctor work with you to find the right balance for you.”

Using the Medicines List app, you can set the frequency of how often you should take each medicine from a range of default options, or you can set the times to your own custom preferences.

Reminders will alert you at the appropriate times, which you respond to by selecting whether you took your medicine on time, late or did not take it at all.

If you miss a dose, you can record why you didn’t take each dose so you can have the information and take it with you to discuss with your doctor.

“This information captured using the new features in the app creates a record of adherence over time,” says Dr Stowasser.

“This can later be shared with your health professional to help inform discussions about your medicines use.

“For example, you may have missed a dose or several doses because you were nauseous, and by making use of the Medicines List app and recording each time this occurs, your doctor may adjust your medicine or help suggest ways for you to avoid the side effect.”

The NPS Medicines List iPhone app has been downloaded more than 9000 times since its launch in mid 2011, and received an award for Best Medical App at the 2011 Australian Mobile Awards.

It can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store, and for those who already have the app, the upgraded features will be available automatically when you next update your apps.

For more information, including how-to videos outlining the app’s features, visit


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