NPS Medicines List iPhone APP Wins SHPA Award

17 November 2011

A presentation on the award-winning NPS Medicines List iPhone app has been recognised with two awards at the Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia (SHPA) federal conference, held in Hobart last weekend.

The paper won an award for Best Paper in IT and Innovation, as well as Best Paper overall.

NPS clinical adviser Dr Danielle Stowasser, who presented the paper, says that she is thrilled by the huge interest in — and praise for — the app from delegates at the conference.

“I’m delighted with the recognition for the NPS Medicines List iPhone app from the pharmacy sector,” said Dr Stowasser.

“The app plays an important role in our wider goals of working towards a medicinewise Australia and increasing medicines literacy in consumers.

“We’re grateful for the instrumental role pharmacists have played in ensuring its success so far, as we have had the app downloaded more than 9000 times since it was released mid-year.”

The NPS Medicines List app, available for free from iTunes, allows people to be medicinewise by tracking the brand, active ingredient, strength and dosage of their medicines.

“The more people know about their medicines, the more confident they are to talk about their options with their prescriber or pharmacist, and that helps people get the most benefit from their medicines – and the Medicines List iPhone app provides a way for people to keep this essential information on hand,” says Dr Stowasser.

“The presentation at the SHPA conference covered the methods we used to develop an app that would bring the paper NPS Medicines List online so that people could reap those benefits that we know come from keeping a Medicines List on them at all times. It also examined what processes we used to evaluate the app to inform future functionality.”

A range of new scheduling features will be released at the end of November, which will appear as an automatic update for those who have already downloaded the app.

Download the NPS Medicines List iPhone app for free from the Apple iTunes store, and for more information including how-to videos explaining the app’s features, visit


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