NPS Prescribing Curriculum wins e-learning award

17 August 2011

The NPS National Prescribing Curriculum has been awarded a Platinum Award for the Best Bespoke Learning Solution in the 2011 LearnX E-learning and Training Awards.

The Best Bespoke Learning Solution category is for tailor-made learning solutions or programs that have a significant positive impact on workforce performance. The Platinum Award is awarded to the highest scoring entry in the category.

The National Prescribing Curriculum is a series of online, case-based modules designed to teach health professional students about sound prescribing decision making. It incorporates principles and processes from the World Health Organization’s Guide to Good Prescribing.

Developed in conjunction with educators and the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT), the curriculum develops skills in defining problems, setting goals, choosing appropriate treatments and monitoring the impact of the treatments to enhance consistent, best practice prescribing.

The e-learning modules are used in 16 of the 18 medical schools across Australia, in pharmacy and nurse practitioner courses and other educational programs for new prescribers like hospital internship programs.

NPS CEO, Dr Lynn Weekes, says the award acknowledges the hard work that has gone into creating a bespoke learning solution.

“We are very proud of the National Prescribing Curriculum as a unique educational solution,” said Dr Weekes. “It prepares new prescribers to prescribe safely, confidently and appropriately, complements the university curriculum, and is the only resource of its kind in Australia.”

Evaluation of the National Prescribing Curriculum has shown that as a result of using the modules, students perceive improvement in their knowledge of therapeutic topics and the prescribing process, and feel better prepared and more confident in their ability to prescribe appropriately.

Dr Sepehr Shakib, Clinical Affiliate Lecturer, Division of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Adelaide uses the curriculum modules regularly as part of his medical curriculum.

“The curriculum modules deliver the core teaching for each topic in an adult learning style, meaning that our tutorial time is freed up to discuss cases and how to apply the information in real life,” says Dr Shakib.

“Students like this approach as it’s very realistic and prepares them for their internship. It’s also interactive and gives them the opportunity to ask questions and clarify ideas.”

The National Prescribing Curriculum features 27 general modules and 3 dental modules, and has feedback from clinical experts built into each learning activity. The interactive modules, which can be used in a self-paced or blended learning environment, also provide opportunity for peer feedback. NPS provides technical support via phone and email.

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