Thyroid dysfunction tests

Thyroid dysfunction tests

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About thyroid function tests

We currently have no information specifically on thyroid problems and dysfunction but we will be developing new resources as the need arises. In the meantime see the list of resource below, use the search box to find more, or review our information for health professionals – so you can discuss this with your health carer.

For health professionals  

The prevalence of hypothyroidism may be up to 10% of the general population, most frequently afflicting older women.1 More asymptomatic people may have subclinical disease that can be detected through thyroid function testing but the value of detecting subclinical disease is unclear. In the past decade, requests for thyroid function tests have increased by 51% (2001/02 to 2010/11), without evidence of a corresponding increase in prevalence. Thyroid function tests are not recommended to be requested routinely in asymptomatic low-risk people in Australia.2

Clinical information

Quality use of medical tests means choosing the right test for the patient and using it at the right time. We have compiled some of the latest evidence and guidelines on thyroid function tests to help you discuss the relevance of these with your patients.

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