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We currently have no information specifically on vitamin D deficiency tests but we will be developing new resources as the need arises. In the meantime see the list of resource below, use the search box to find more, or review our information for health professionals – so you can discuss this with your health carer.

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Current Australian guidelines recommend vitamin D testing in people who are at risk (for example, veiled women and people who are institutionalised, elderly, or dark-skinned), but the consequences of routine testing in low-risk populations are unclear. Increased interest in vitamin D deficiency, reports of its high prevalence in Australia and a suggested role in a range of health conditions has led to a surge in vitamin D testing and uncertainty about management. The greatest growth in vitamin D testing has occurred in people aged 20–39 years.

Clinical information

Quality use of medical tests means choosing the right test for the patient and using it at the right time. We have compiled some of the latest evidence and guidelines on vitamin D testing to help you discuss the relevance of this test with your patients.

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For health professionals (Health professional publication)
11 Feb 2014 Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to an ever-growing list of adverse health conditions. However, correcting vitamin D levels through supplementation has failed to show any meaningful benefit, except in people with severe deficiency. Is vitamin D a cause or an effect of poor health and what does this mean for your patients?
(Medical test)
28 Jun 2013 A vitamin D test is most useful to check for vitamin D deficiency in people who are at high risk of moderate to severe deficiency, but is not recommended for low-risk individuals.
For health professionals (Medical test)
23 May 2013 Types of vitamin D tests available. Vitamin D deficiency: who is at risk, when is testing valuable and when to consider supplementation?

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