Anxiety medicines

Antianxiety agents

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The Anxiety medicines subcategory of medicines is also known as antianxiety agents and anxiolytics.

Consumers: If you have any questions about medicines, you can speak to one of our pharmacists at NPS Medicines Line by calling 1300 633 424. You can ring Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time (excluding NSW public holidays). For non-medicine products, further information may also be available from the manufacturer.

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For health professionals (Health professional publication)
06 Nov 2015 New RACGP guidelines will help GPs reduce the risk of benzodiazepine-related substance use disorder, and identify and manage patients who have it.
For health professionals (Health professional publication)
08 Jul 2015 Benzodiazepine dependence is of increasing concern. Health professionals play a key role in reducing drug misuse and dependence. Read more.
(Consumer publication)
03 Jul 2015 Learn how to use benzodiazepines safely to avoid tolerance and dependence, and how to safely reduce and stop a benzodiazepine if you have been taking one long term.
For health professionals (e-newsletter for health professionals)
13 Feb 2014 Vitamin D: cause or effect? | Anticholinergics in older people | Superbug stowaways | Latest Medicinewise News — Heart and stroke risk | Fast five: 1.Medicinewise News — Good anticoagulant practice. 2.Decision tool — Starting oral anticoagulants in AF. 3.Online resource — Assess absolute cardiovascular risk. 4.Consultation snapshot — Using statins in an older patient. 5.Information for patients — Statins and cardiovascular disease FAQs. | New MedicineList+ app now available | CPD activities: New Clinical e-audit: Medicines in older people; Pharmacy Practice Review: reventing medicines-related problems in older people
For health professionals (Health professional publication)
12 Feb 2014 Medicines are a significant cause of hospitalisation and potential mortality in older people. A Finnish study has demonstrated a link between cumulative use of anticholinergic and sedative medicines and increased hospitalisation and mortality.
(Media release)
02 Dec 2013 The December 2013 edition of Australian Prescriber is out now. The December issue covers off-label prescribing and drug treatments for anxiety.
For health professionals (Health professional publication)
01 Nov 2009 Contains information on the limited role of antidepressants for children and adolescents with anxiety. Up to 1 in 5 people presenting to primary care will have symptoms of an anxiety disorder at some point

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