Digestive system

Alimentary system

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The Digestive system category of medicines is also known as alimentary system, gastrointestinal system medicines and GI problems, medicines for.

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For health professionals (CPD activity)
30 Jun 2015 This Clinical e-Audit is designed for GPs and helps identify which patients on long-term proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy could benefit from a step-down approach.
For health professionals (Condition)
30 Mar 2015 Patients with GORD can self-manage symptoms and reduce their reliance on anti-reflux medicines. This pad will help you remind patients of the things they can do.
30 Mar 2015 Heartburn and reflux medicines include proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), histamine H2 receptor antagonists and antacids. Find out more about treatment of acid reflux.
For health professionals (Health professional publication)
16 Mar 2015 Use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for heartburn and reflux has increased dramatically in the last two decades. Lifestyle measures and regular review of patients can help reduce PPI use.

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