Warfarin Dose Tracker

Warfarin Dose Tracker

Your patients can record the date of their INR test, the test result, and the warfarin dose they need to take each day.

As part of the 2013 Achieving Good Anticoagulants Practice national program, NPS MedicineWise has developed a new resource for people taking warfarin.

The Warfarin Dose Tracker is intended to support your professional conversations with people taking warfarin, or their carers.

NPS MedicineWise developed the Warfarin Dose Tracker in response to research carried out with people taking warfarin. The research found that they:

  • would use a summary resource reminding them of the most important aspects of taking warfarin
  • prefer to receive information and resources about their medicines from a trusted health professional, like their doctor or pharmacist.

The Warfarin Dose Tracker has been extensively tested with warfarin takers and their carers and was enthusiastically received.

How can it be used by patients?

The Warfarin Dose Tracker can be used to:

  • keep track of INR results
  • record any changes to daily warfarin dose
  • remind patients about when their next INR test is due.

It also provides important information about living safely with warfarin.

The passport-sized card is designed to be durable and easy for patients to carry to medical appointments, or to keep with their warfarin tablets or near the phone. The card could also be carried in case of an emergency, for example, while on holiday.

NPS MedicineWise has also produced a Living Well with Warfarin fact sheet for people taking warfarin, or their carers, to help them live safely with warfarin.

More comprehensive information for people taking warfarin or their carers can be found in our online warfarin knowledge hub.