Warfarin Dose Tracker

If you — or someone you care for — are taking warfarin, you'll know how important it is to take it exactly as prescribed and have your INR blood tests as often as recommended.

The NPS Warfarin Dose Tracker will help you keep track of your INR results, record any changes in your daily warfarin dose and remind you when your next INR test is due. It also provides important information about how to live safely with warfarin.

Keep track of your INR and daily warfarin dose

Use the Warfarin Dose Tracker to:

  • write down your target INR and brand of warfarin
  • record your INR results
  • keep track of your daily warfarin dose.

Keep it with your warfarin tablets, near your phone or carry it with you in case of emergency. You could also take the passport-sized card with you on holiday in case you need medical assistance while you are away.

Download the NPS Warfarin Dose Tracker.

Download our Living well with warfarin fact sheet — for people who've been prescribed warfarin, or their carers, to help you live safely with warfarin. The more you know about warfarin, the more your health will benefit.