Brands of low-dose aspirin

In Australia, there are numerous brands of low-dose aspirin available. There are generally only minor differences between these choices. Some brands use a special coating, called an enteric coating to help prevent stomach problems.

Your doctor may decide that you need to take aspirin in combination with another medicine. Some brands of medicine that contain low-dose aspirin combined with another anti-clotting medicine include:

  • Asasantin SR — containing the active ingredients dipyridamole and low-dose aspirin
  • CoPlavix, DuoCover—containing the active ingredients clopidogrel and low-dose aspirin.

Remember that some brands of aspirin (used only for pain or fever) have a higher strength than the brands used for long-term low-dose use (to prevent blood clot-related conditions). Check with a health professional before buying an alternative brand of aspirin. 

Medicine brands that contain low-dose aspirin