Vaccines and immunisation

Boy toddler

Children are the age group most commonly vaccinated.

Vaccines protect you, your child and the whole community from infectious diseases, such as polio and whooping cough (pertussis).

Before vaccines were available, these diseases caused illness, disability and even death. They still can today, especially if people are not vaccinated. Immunisation is important because eradicating an infectious disease can only happen if everyone is protected from it.

In our vaccines and immunisation knowledge hub you’ll find up-to-date information about the vaccines currently available in Australia, who should be vaccinated, the possible side effects of vaccines, as well as some answers to the common questions people ask about vaccines and their safety.

Children are most often vaccinated, but other groups of people may also need vaccination including teenagers, pregnant women, older people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and travellers. Find out more about what vaccinations your children should have and when.