How you can help contain antibiotic resistance

GPs and other prescribing health professionals are in a prime position to address the issue of antibiotic resistance.

You can take a lead role in containing antibiotic resistance — just by considering antibiotic resistance when deciding whether to prescribe antibiotics for patients presenting with acute RTIs.

Antibiotic resistance ranks low on the list of factors influencing GPs’ decisions to prescribe an antibiotic.1-3 Reasons given include:

  • antibiotic resistance is not viewed as a real threat, because they have not seen it in their patients
  • some GPs were unclear about how they could contain antibiotic resistance
  • some GPs felt there was a lack of evidence to link their prescribing behaviour to emerging antibiotic resistance.4,5

To minimise antibiotic resistance, only prescribe an antibiotic6:

Do not prescribe an antibiotic for:

  • self-limiting RTIs
  • viral infections

Follow the principles of the antibiotic creed6



Antibiotic resistance: the facts

This fact sheet busts common misconceptions about antibiotic use. You can use it to encourage your patients to be part of the solution to antibiotic resistance.