How do I take amoxycillin?

Always follow your health professional’s instructions for taking amoxycillin. They will advise you about how many doses are needed each day, and how long to take amoxycillin for.

If your symptoms don’t improve after a few days of taking amoxycillin, or your symptoms get worse, see your doctor.

Tips for being medicinewise with antibiotics

Take your antibiotics at the right time and for as long as directed, even if you are feeling better.

Don’t keep unused antibiotics for another time — return leftover pills to your pharmacy for disposal.

Don’t share antibiotics with others — they may have a different infection and this can lead to antibiotic resistance.

The consumer medicines information (CMI) leaflet for your antibiotic can provide more information about how to take your medicine.

Read more about how to take your antibiotics and search for the CMI for your medicine.