Community education — get involved

NPS MedicineWise has developed resources to enable you to make the best decisions about medicines and medical tests. These resources can be used by community groups — including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups and seniors (people over the age of 50) — to run education sessions. The sessions are designed to:

  • improve your decision making about medicines and medical tests
  • raise awareness about the potential risks and benefits of medicines and medical tests
  • promote greater understanding of medicines and non-medicine options
  • increase your awareness about the key role you play in talking to health professionals about your medicines and medical tests.

Run your own medicines information session

You don’t need to be an expert on medicines to organise information sessions. The NPS MedicineWise Get to know your medicines and medical tests kit will help you host a successful community event about the safe and wise use of medicines.

The kit covers everything you and your community group need to know about medicines and medical tests, and includes:

  • Presenter's guide — notes on running your presentation, including the purpose of each slide, background information, learning outcomes, key messages, useful resources and suggestions to encourage participant interaction and group discussion.
  • Presentation — a 24-slide presentation covering the things you and your community need to know about medicines and medical tests.

NPS MedicineWise developed the original Get to know your medicines kit in collaboration with the Consumers Health Forum of Australia, National Rural Health Alliance and Health Consumers of Rural and Remote Australia.

Education sessions in languages other than English

NPS has developed resources for in-language medicines information sessions that are run by bilingual health professionals. These seminars are facilitated by ethno-specific organisations in cities across Australia, and cover interesting and varied topics, such as:

  • Safe and wise use of medicines — including tips on how to use medicines safely, what you need to know about your medicine and how to avoid problems with your medicines
  • Sleep and ageing — everything you need to know about sleep, including normal changes to sleep patterns as you age and simple tips for getting the best sleep without the need for medicines. 

Contact your community group to find out dates, times and locations of these education seminars.

People over 50

Book a medicines information session

If you're over 50 and you, your friends or community group would like to know more about managing medicines, book a peer educator to run a free medicines information session at your next group meeting.

NPS MedicineWise partners with COTA to help seniors learn about the safe and wise use of medicines. The 'Medicines and you' information sessions are held in all states and territories. Participants will learn:

  • where to find important medicines information
  • how to get the most out of visits to your doctor or pharmacist
  • what products are available to help you remember your medicines
  • ways of saving money on medicines
  • what generic medicines are, and whether they are a safe option for you
  • how to get the most from your medicines.

The sessions can also focus on specific topics including antibiotics, diabetes, sleep problems or managing chronic pain.

Find out more

For more information on any of these community education sessions, please call us on (02) 8217 8700.