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NPS Health News and Evidence provides you with all the latest relevant information to help inform best practice. To ensure we provide the most appropriate advice, we:

  • review the latest evidence from peer-reviewed journals, systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • consult national and international guidelines
  • work with national health authorities and professional bodies 
  • seek advice from clinical experts.

Health News and Evidence articles will help you

  • Stay up to date with the latest evidence about medicines, medical devices and current health topics.
  • Review the evidence around a current health topic.
  • Employ practice points based on best clinical practice advice.

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Latest issue

Osteoporosis management in aged care

Osteoporosis may affect a large proportion of aged care residents. Find out more about management of this condition in aged care.

Home blood pressure monitoring – Expert Q&A

Associate Professor James Sharman and Professor Mark Nelson, two of the authors of the recently released Australian consensus statement on home BP monitoring, and complementary resources, answer some key questions on the topic of home BP monitoring.

Osteoporosis: not just a woman’s disease

Osteoporosis has a greater impact on mortality in men than women, but treatment uptake in men is low. Risk of osteoporosis in men is increased by hypogonadism, alcohol consumption and long-term corticosteroid use.